The SmartWatch Zeblaze Cosmo shown in new teasers

by Frank Tu 0

Zeblaze Cosmo

Zeblaze want to end the year on a high, or so suggests to us the teasers of its latest wearable, the Zeblaze Cosmo, a SmartWatch with the look of a classic watch but with some other feature that makes it “intelligent” .

Instead of having a round or square screen, the Zeblaze Cosmo has a rectangular panel of 1.61 inches with a resolution of 256 x 320 pixels. In addition to its use is not uncomfortable, the display has a large curvature of 1.4mm and perfectly adapted to the wrist, and best of all is that despite having this way, the screen has a viewing angle 160 degrees.

Zeblaze Cosmo 1

From the pictures that we took the company has released the Cosmo Zeblaze have a full metal body, a leather strap, and an identical crown of traditional watches button. We assume that the button will be used to move through the menus SmartWatch, although it is noteworthy that this is a mere assumption unconfirmed for now.

Zeblaze Cosmo 2

The official price and release date have not yet been revealed, but apparently the Zeblaze Cosmo should be available for purchase before the end of the year.