Morefine M1+ Review – World’s Smallest Windows 10 and Android PC for $99!

by Linus 2

Do you remember those days when we all had the desktop PC’s and we were okay about its size? It turns out we can now have the full computer in the palm of your hand… and it has Windows 10 and Android for the price of $100. Stay tuned for a full review.

Thanks to Morefine official for sending Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC for a review.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: UNBOXING

img_5604 img_5607

The Morefine M1+ mini PC comes with the power plug, HDMI extension cable and USB OTG cable.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: DESIGN

As far as design, we are looking at a tiny piece of kit which is about double of size of a regular USB flash drive.
The Morefine M1+ is made entirely of plastic and it doesn’t necessarily scream premium but doesn’t feel cheap neither.
On the front we have ventilation grills as the device has a dedicated vent to handle the heat that’s coming out of the chips inside the mini PC. Right next to it there is an LED indicator, which lights up once the device is powered on.
On one side there is a power button, the cutouts for air intake, a power input port and the USB port.
On another side we have one more air intake cutout, micro USB port and the microSD card slot for storage expansion up 128GB.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: SETUP and FEATURES

img_5670 img_5627
The setup of the Morefine M1+ is very easy. All you have to have is the monitor with the HDMI port, a keyboard and the mouse.
Firstly, you have to connect the power plug, then you can use the HDMI extension cable optionally or just plug in the mini PC to the monitor as it is.
Secondly, you should connect the mouse either via the USB port or via the Bluetooth if you have a Bluetooth mouse. Finally, do the same with a keyboard, hit the power button and you are good to go. See the video review for more detailed instructions.
One of the key features is that this mini PC has two operating systems – fully licensed Windows 10 and Android 4.4, and you can choose either of them once the PC is booting up.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: HARDWARE and PERFORMANCE

The Morefine M1+ mini PC has a Quad Core Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F chip with the clock speeds of up to 1.3GHz, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage.
As far as Windows 10 performance, you can’t expect to play the high-end games on it but the Morefine  mini PC is definitely enough for Internet browsing, editing documents, watching movies and any other daily tasks. The performance was smooth and I didn’t have any hiccups or lags. Well, maybe the internal flash storage is not that fast but, you know, I am used to using a very fast SSD disk on my daily laptop.
As far as Android user experience, we have the outdated 4.4 version and hopefully we will see an update in the future.
Basically, what you are getting is a stock Android designed for tablets. Everything is running super fast and fluid, and it is kind of cool to see Android on a big screen. A great thing is that you can control a lot of things using a keyboard too.
A tried playing Asphalt 8 on it and it was a fun experience. The graphics actually look pretty good and honestly, it is much more fun playing this game using a keyboard. Most importantly, the gaming performance was good with just a few minor skipped frames.
A really cool feature is that you can easily switch from Android to Windows with a simple click.
Overall, the user experience on both Windows and Android platforms is mostly positive but if you asked me which operating system is faster, I would say Android as it just flies through everything given the nearly stock build and powerful hardware.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: CONNECTIVITY

When it comes to connectivity, the dual-band Wifi worked great although the range was a bit worse than on the iPad but I cannot say it was poor. As far as Bluetooth, it worked absolutely fine with a few different keyboards and the mouse I tested with.

Morefine M1+ Dual Boot Mini PC Review: CONCLUSIONS

All in all, the Morefine M1+ dual boot mini PC is a great idea and it is mostly well implemented.
I love the fact that it can actually replace your laptop and a tablet and all you need to have is the monitor, keyboard and the mouse.
I was happy with the overall performance of it and the fact that you can easily switch between two operating systems. Also, the microSD card slot lets you expand the storage up to 128GB and you can also use the USB port for addition storage or accessories, if needed.
However, I was disappointed that the device ships with the outdated Android 4.4 as we always want the newest version of Android.
Also, the mini PC is pretty loud as the embedded ventilator is constantly working. Well, it is not as loud as the full-fledged desktop PC but it could definitely be more silent.
All in all, the Morefine M1+ is worth the price of $100 considering the feature-rich and versatile package you are getting. However, you should take a few shortcomings into consideration before making a purchase.