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Ulefone Future will be Bezel-less, with MTK Helio P10 and 4GB RAM

by Shine Wong 7

ulefone future

Though Ulefone Power is well sold now, it will not guarantee Ulefone a bright prospect in 2016, because the flagship that leads the fleet must be something new. For the moment, Ulefone Future seems to be the very device the company needs for the future.

Ulefone Future will be more inspiring than anything Ulefone has created. It has a face without bezel between display and the left/right edges, so it will be slimmer than most 5.5-inch devices such as iPhone 6 Plus. You can’t find a volume rocker on its frame because there will be an invisible volume rocker for touch. Its fingerprint scanner will neither sits on the front side nor on the rear, because it will be located on the right edge. The Future will be Ulefone’s first metal uni-body device. And it will come with both Android 6.0 and CyanogenMod.

Inside, there will be MTK6755 2GHz octa-core 64-bit chipset, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage. Definitely, it will be Ulefone’s flagship device in 2016.

We can see from the official video that UlefoneH has actually been making the bezel-less phone and since Ulefone need to reserve some marketing energy in the beginning of the year, the launch of new flagship may not be far away.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    looks bloody good but need to see it in flesh … i.e candid reviews !

  • Carlos Orff

    Ok just a quick question…Why is everyone getting wet by a bezel-less phone? Why will it be soooooo much better? I still see huge bezel on top and on the bottom. So when are those going to wannish?

    • BotondKisKovacs

      Bezel-less phones look very sexy. That’s not the only reason people like them, it means that they can fit larger displays in a narrower body. With this kind of technology a 5.5 inch phone would probably be good even for those who say they don’t like bigger than current 5 inch phones. I imagine a 6 inch phone would be comfortable as well. As for the top and bottom parts, I think it would look ugly without them, just look at the Sharp Aquos which is missing the top bezel, it looks like it’s head got chopped off. Top is also needed for camera, sensors, speaker and bottom is needed for buttons and possibly fingerprint scanner and even the connectors need some space inside the phone without interfering with the display.
      Simply put, no side bezels but top and bottom bezels is beautiful and practical as well. Of course it’s not to everybody’s taste, some people don’t even care at all, but it seems to be nice enough for most people.

      • Carlos Orff

        I know what you are saying but still no one made a smaller phone..if they wanted they could squiz the light sensor, microphone,speaker,front camera into 5mm bezel and create a much better looking phone.But I guess they are holding it back for the “evolution” You could put almost 5 inches diagonally in to a 3.5 inch iphone 3 and put a fingerprint at the back…that is a revolution.Creating a small big screen phone.

        • BotondKisKovacs

          I understand you as well but at this point it’s down to personal taste. What I could reasonably find attractive would be a 1cm top and bottom bezel. For me less than that would hurt the aesthetic of the device.

          Anyway the innovations you are talking about will come eventually. The new sense id fingerprint scanner can be even put under the screen so it doesn’t need to take up any space on the surface of the device. A single top 5mm bezel would be possible with current technology but as you say, they need to sell a few “improved” models until they get there.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Because bezel-less looks cool!!

  • trapchan

    It’s just a screen panel attached to the mainboard. Not the real phone. And I bet, the real phone would have more bezel.