Morefine Max1 Review – Beautiful Yet Affordable Smartphone

by Linus 4

This is a review of a phone that has been made by a company you have probably not heard of. It is any good? Learn more in the full Morefine Max1 review.

Morefine Max1: VIDEO REVIEW

Morefine Max1: UNBOXING

IMG_6621 IMG_7126
As usual, let’s start by unboxing and see what’s inside. The contents of the packaging include a nice soft TPU case, two screen protectors, some instruction manuals, a charging plug and USB cable.

Morefine Max1: DESIGN and DISPLAY

I was initially surprised by the premium design and great build quality of the phone that is built by a rather unknown Chinese manufacturer.
Morefine Max1 has a metal frame going around the device along with metal buttons and the 5” display makes this device compact, and manageable with one hand.
Speaking of display, it is surprisingly good for a the phone that costs $120. It is bright, vivid and colour look vibrant. Also, it has excellent viewing angles.
Just above the screen there is a bright LED light, which has a few different colours but it is not customisable. As far as front firing optics, we have a modest 2MP shooter.
The chin of the phone is empty since Morefine Max1 has on-screen navigation buttons.
The glass back is a ridiculous fingerprint magnet but at least it helps with a grip. Here we have only 8MP camera with a single LED flash.
IMG_6637 IMG_6650
The buttons, which are very tactile, are located on the left but I never liked this idea on any phone. It could be just me but I am used to pressing keys on the right side and the buttons on the left are just not right.
The dual SIM card tray, where one slot also doubles as a microSD card slot is on the right.
As far as the loudspeaker, it is placed on the bottom where you can also find you micro USB charging port.
Finally, on the top there is just a headset jack.
Overall, the phone feels solid, it is well constructed and it does not feel cheap at all.


As far as UI, we are looking at a nearly stock Android 5.1 build. Day-to-day performance is very smooth even with lots of apps running in the background and I didn’t have a single hiccup.
To be honest, there are not too many extra features to talk about. The only neat addition would be a conveniently placed notification shade button. It is not something new but it is a cool feature to have.
However, there are a few minor bugs that hopefully will be fixed with the future software updates.
Firstly, there is no way to see the battery status in percents except for going deep in settings menu. Secondly, the auto-brightness of the screen feature dims the display too much for my taste, so I had to turn this feature off.
Also, you cannot simply close all the apps that run in the background and you have to close them one by one.
Well, these are just minor issues and hopefully they will be fixed soon.


The Morefine Max1 is not a powerhouse device as it has a quad-core MTK6735 chip with the clock speeds of just 1GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.
While daily perforance is nice and smooth, playing Asphalt 8 on the highest graphics setting is laggy. However, once you reduce the graphics to medium, playing a game can be actually enjoyable with just a few skipped frames but with no major lag.
Lastly, the phone does not have any overheating issues.

Morefine Max1: MULTIMEDIA

When it comes to multimedia, the Morefine Max1 has a decent quality sound output via earphones but if you want to listen to some tunes via the loudspeaker, it will not impress you as any other phone in this price range. The sound is tinny and it lacks depth.

Morefine Max1: CAMERA

You can’t expect much from a phone this cheap that has only 8MP camera, right?
The daylight images look pretty okay but the level of details is not that impressive and there could be less noise in some images.
The indoor and low-light shots are actually not the worst I’ve seen and many of them are more than usable. However, some of the shots came out blurry and there is quite a low amount of details and lots of noise in each image.
As far as 2MP selfie shooter, it is not really impressive but it will do the trick for social media, just make sure to take selfies in good lighting.
720P video is like on most of similarly priced phones. Although, the footage is not terrible, it lacks in details and sharpness. See a video review for a video sample.


All the connectivity options work great. Call quality is okay and signal reception is excellent. Also, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth are working fine.

Morefine Max1: BATTERY LIFE

The phone has a 2150mAh battery and it performs surprisingly well for its capacitiy. I could get over 4 hours of screen-on time while mixing heavy and light usage and using various screen brightness settings.

Morefine Max1: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, Morefine Max1, the phone that looks great, it is compact and it sports some premium materials in its construction.
Also, Morefine Max1 has a decent 720P screen, the UI is very fast but it has a few minor bugs that have to be fixed.
The camera is pretty mediocre but it is capable of producing okay looking images in daylight.
The battery life is surprisingly good and overall, Morefine Max1 is a decent phone for the price of around $120 despite a few shortcomings.