Nokia Will Be Present At MWC 2016, But Don’t Get Too Excited

by Joel 0

Nokia has announced that it will be present at MWC 2016 to be held in Barcelona from February 22 to February 25. However, if you were hoping to see some new Android smartphones from the company at the event, you will most likely be disappointed.


Nokia has a handful of projects under development and some of them would be showcased at the upcoming tech event in Barcelona. Ever since the sale of its smartphone business to Microsoft, Nokia has shifted its focus on network infrastructure. So, we can expect new tech in this field by the company.

Nokia recently announced a new security product in the market, called Netguard Security Management Software. The company confirms that this new product will be showcased at MWC this year.

Netguard is a software designed to monitor and control all the security components of a network. So, instead of securing just individual devices, the software secures the network as a whole. It monitors all IoT devices in the network for malware and other attacks and secures the entire system. The company also adds that it is ready to sell the product to any brand of networks.

Another interesting tech from Nokia to be shown off at MWC will be the LTE Advanced Pro. The new network promises a significant increase in transfer speeds, using the existing network infrastructure. The LTE-A Pro will use special algorithms to speed up uploads at twice the existing rate and downloads at thrice the rate. This could be an important tech as it enables existing network carriers to squeeze more out of their existing infrastructure. So, no need to install costly new age components for increased speeds, at least, not at the moment.

As for smartphones, we may see Nokia branded phones sometime later this year. We have seen some renders of a possible Nokia smartphone, but they are not yet confirmed. In fact, the eventual return of the company to smartphone business is still a debated topic.