1byone 16000mAh Car Jump Starter Review

by Linus 0


The device comes in a really neat and high quality suitcase where all the items are packed neatly. 

Inside of it you can find the battery, jump starter clips with a smart control, some documentation, a wall charger, car charger and a computer charging cable with different charging plugs. Finally, there is an EC5 adapter, so you can use the device as a power bank to power up some gadgets (e.g. air compressor).
The 1byone car jump starter is made sports a really awesome looking design and it feels very nice in the hand.
It is made of rubberised plastic and on the front side we have a little LCD display, which show the amount of juice left in the battery. 
IMG_7566 IMG_7569 IMG_7549
On the back there is a flashlight with 3 different flashing modes and it can be turned on by pressing and holding the power key, which is located on the right.
IMG_7568 IMG_7572 IMG_7570
On the top we have output ports for the car jump starter cables and the USB port, which lets you charge any USB powered devices (with the included different power plugs to fit most of the laptops).
Also, there are two power input ports meaning that you can charge this device either with the supplied AC adapter or via any micro USB cable. 
Finally, on the left there is another output port to charge your laptop. 
Overall, the battery is very compact and lightweight considering the size of the cell inside and the overall feature set. 
Allright, a lot of batteries can charge your phone or laptop, or any other device but is this device capable of jump starting an old car with a completely dead battery?
The thing is that the battery is completely dead that the car doesn’t even make any sound when I try to start it. That’s even worse situation that the last time I tried to start this vehicle. 
IMG_7585 IMG_7584
Allright, so what you have to do is to connect the jump start cables to the car’s battery. However, I highly recommend you cleaning both terminals of the car’s battery with a dry cloth to make sure there is a good contact with jump starter cables. 
The connecting part is pretty easy as you need to connect a positive red colour cable to the positive terminal of the car’s battery and a negative black colour cable to the negative terminal of the car’s battery. Then, you have to connect the cable to the jump starter and after that you have to press a start switch on the control with a little monitor and start your car within 30 seconds. 
1byone Car Jump Starter Review: CONCLUSIONS
This little gadget is definitely working. Honestly, I’ve tested a previous model that I am still using till now like 20 times with this car and 2009 Honda Civic and only a few times it didn’t start the car from the first time. 
A few complaints would be regarding the design, though. Yes, the build quality is great but that rubberised plastic is prone to fingerprints and it is quite easy to scratch.
All in all, I believe this gadget is really useful either for ones who have old car batteries or for those who just want to have a useful gadget in their toolbox that can come handy in emergency situations.