Doogee T6 Review – Affordable Battery Monster

by Linus 3

Today we have a cheap phone with a monster battery – Doogee T6. Find out more in our full review.


Doogee T6 Review: UNBOXING

IMG_7753 IMG_7758
The phone comes with instruction manuals, a charging brick, USB cable, USB OTG cable for external devices, a screen protector and a SIM ejector pin. Finally, you are getting a nice soft TPU case to protect your device.

Doogee T6 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY

Doogee T6 is not a small device due its 5.5” display. Well, this size of the screen has already become a standard for most of us. 
The panel itself is just 720p resolution but it not that bad. It is bright and the colours look natural.
The star of the show here is a large 6250mAh battery, which makes the phone heavier than usual as it weighs 230g.
IMG_7830 IMG_7831
On the front, we have a 5MP shooter and LED notification light along with the non-backlit capacitive buttons.
The backplate is made of plastic but it actually feels nice to the touch. 
IMG_7828 IMG_7829
The camera has an 8MP sensor, which is capable of shooting 13MP images with dual LED flash. Also, we have the loudspeaker on the bottom. 
The sides are also made of plastic and we have the buttons on the right, which have a good tactile feedback but they feel a bit cheap. 
Overall, the phone is well built, it feels nice in the hand but you have to keep in mind that it is quite heavy and it does not sport any premium materials like metal or glass.

Doogee T6 Review: UI

Doogee T6 runs on Android 5.1 with the Doogee’s skin on top of it. 
We have some redesigned icons and a bit of extra functionality like gesture and motions controls we’ve seen on numerous phones. The implementation of gestures is pretty good but I’ve seen faster response times on some other phones.
As for daily use, I don’t have major complaints. However, there is a significant delay once you press the home button and that it is kind of annoying. 
Other than that, the performance of the UI is snappy and responsive.

Doogee T6 Review: BENCHMARKS


The phone is not a powerhouse as it sports a quad-core MTK6735 chip with the clock speeds of up to 1.0GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. 
As you may have already guessed, the gaming experience is not really pleasant. There is a lot of lag and skipped frames even on medium graphics on Asphalt 8. 

Doogee T6 Review: MULTIMEDIA

The loudspeaker quality is not bad but it is not impressive either. On the other hand, it is on par with most of the phones in this price range.
Doogee T6 Review: CAMERA

Doogee T6 Review: IMAGE QUALITY 

As for image quality, the daylight pictures usually turn out to be pretty good as they have a decent amount of detail. However, the colours are not always accurate and there were quite a few blurry shots.
The low-light images do not impress. They lack in detail, there is a lot of noise. Also, the red tint ruins some of the pictures.
The selfie camera can take some okay looking images in good light but it is not a wide angle shooter.
As for video, it is just mediocre and the footage looks quite shaky. See the video review for a video sample.

Doogee T6 Review: CONNECTIVITY

All the connectivity options that include Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS are working fine. Also, the signal reception is excellent and the call quality is good.

Doogee T6 Review: BATTERY LIFE

The phone sports a humongous 6250 mAh battery. Although it adds a bit of bulk and weight to the device, it performs well in real life.
I could get around 7 or even over 8 hours of screen-on time depending on the usage and that is a great result.

Doogee T6 Review: CONCLUSIONS

Doogee T6 costs around $130 and it does most of the things right.
It is not a flagship device due to its low-end specs but it was not made to be a flagship. The main highlight is the humungous battery and it delivers in real life.
Also, the phone has a decent screen, although it is only 720p; the design and build is good despite using mainly plastic and the camera can take decent daylight shots.
However, the phone lags while gaming, the home button is slow to respond and the low-light camera performance does not impress. 
All in all, Doogee T6 is for those who look for a phone that has a very large battery and it does most of the things right. However, make sure to take the shortcomings into consideration. 

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