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LeEco Le 2 Spotted In Leaked Pictures

by Joe 4

Its almost a year since LeTV, now called as LeEco entered the smartphone market. And they have managed to build a solid brand image, both in China as well as India. Back in January, LeEco released the world’s first Snapdragon 820 smartphone, Le Max Pro, however, even now, the phone is not available to purchase for the regular public.

So, this brings the focus to another upcoming smartphone from the company, which could be launched in the coming months, namely the Le 2. This particular model is rumored to come with pretty great specs and now, we might have the first glimpse of the device.

le 2 leak 02

As you can see, the phone is a bit different than the ones the company have released till now. The back is clean, a bit too clean which means this may not be a metal body smartphone. There are no visible antenna lines, which could hint that the body is made out of something else. If we had to guess, we would say ceramic material since there have been a couple of rumors going around about such a design on the new Le 2.

le 2 leak 04

We can also see a fingerprint sensor at the back, along with a large camera sensor. The overall looks of the device isn’t very polished, which hints that this is probably a prototype device. Another interesting aspect is the presence of the old LeTV logo, instead of the new LeEco. So, take this leak with a pinch of salt.

As for the specs, earlier leaks have hinted that the Le 2 will feature Helio X20 deca-core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of ROM. It could have the same 21MP rear camera sensor and 4MP ultrapixel front shooter as the Le Max Pro, but nothing is confirmed for now.

LeEco has always been aggressive in its pricing. In fact, LeEco CEO Jia Yueting had earlier said that the company often resorts to negative profit to make their devices competitive. So, pricing should be affordable, somewhere around 1799 Yuan which comes to just $275.

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  • greg

    I´m very excited about this model from LeEco, it will be better than Letv Le 1 Pro ?

  • Sam

    This maybe my next device

  • Rizera

    After the fantastic Le 1, I am eagerly waiting for this. High expectations! Hopefully they will unveil the specs and final design soon.

  • Guaire

    Little glares at the bottom corners of the rear make me think it’s made of glass, but the whole rear panel lack of glares and fingerprint smudges which usually accompanies glass. So I guess it’s frosted glass like Xperia Z5. With their lack of coating ceramic is more susceptible to oily fingerprint smudges than glass.

    Camera hump indicates a thin body. With that main camera placement and usual 1/3″ sensors there wouldn’t a reason to make a humped camera unless the phone has very small forehead.

    So I guess it either has an 1/2.6″ 16MP sensor or 1/2.3″ 21MP sensor and less than 7mm thin body considering Xperia Z3’s thickness which also has 1/2.3″ sensor in a 7.3mm thick metal and glass body without camera flush.

    There is a Geekbench result about a phone named Letv X620 with Helio X20 with 3GB RAM.

    At the launch Le 1 started from 1499 yuan, but Le 1s was 1099 yuan.