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Xiaomi Mi 5 Is Coming to India in April, Confirms Company

by Shine Wong 9

Xiaomi’s VP, Hugo Barra, took off the lid over the company’s plans to bring their flagship, Mi 5 to India. To a thunderous applause of over 8000 fans at the Talkatora stadium, in Lucknow India, Barra revealed that Xiaomi had already gotten over 16 million registrations for the Mi 5 in China and that next, it plans to bring the flagship phone to Indian users in a month’s time.

xiaomi mi 5 unboxing 04

Along with this, Hugo Barra also revealed the company’s plans to sell in the country the beautiful looking Mi Bluetooth Speakers for Rs 1999 and Mi Powerbank which can hold a charge of up to 20000mAh.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 upon launch in the country will be
available in three variants. The Mi 5 (32GB storage
and 3GB RAM) is priced at RMB 1999 (Approx Rs
21,000), the Mi 5 64GB variant is priced at RMB
2299 (Approx Rs 24,000) and the Mi 5 Pro with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM will be available for a price of RMB 2699 (Approx Rs 28,500).

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  • Monk3y

    Does this release in India mean that there will be other 4g bands supported? Or is this exactly the same phone as in China?

    • Joe

      Could be the same model, coz it supported LTE Band 40 2300Mhz which is used in India

      • illystor

        Yeah, unfortunately, India as another market isn’t one that’s going to be bringing you a device any more likely to work in, for instance, the US. I would love to see Xiaomi coming to US and Europe direct in the near future, but sometimes I have to remind myself they are only just rolling up on 6 years old.

        • bojan radovanovic

          they can not come directlly in EU and USA due licencing problems.

          • illystor

            I understand they currently have certain barriers to entry. Obviously those are all in theory, and hopefully one day in practice, surmountable. It’s just a question of when they are looking to do it, and how long term their current plans are.

  • bojan radovanovic

    hm, this is new Xiaomi speaker!?
    haven heard nothing about it, how come you did not wrote something???

  • preet

    the stadium is in New Delhi not Lucknow