ZUK Z2 Pro Official, World’s First True Flagship With 6GB RAM & A Lot Of Powerful Features

by Joel 18

April has been the month of the Chinese flagships. We have seen so many powerful devices in the past 21 days that it has become hard to keep a track of all the smartphones announced recently. Now, add ZUK Z2 Pro to the list as the company calls it the true flagship smartphone of this year. Why this sudden claim? Well, the phone comes with so many powerful features that it can claim to be the ‘first’ in a lot of things. For example, the phone is reportedly the first on to use a “true 3D mirror body design”. There are a bunch of other firsts, but more about that later.

First up, the phone’s design is unique because of its 3D mirror design. The 3D glass body comes with an arch design. The frame in the middle has gone through 10 processors and 260 steps to ensure durability. Further, it uses a roll cage design for addition protection.

zuk z2 pro 03

Coming to the screen, the ZUK Z2 Pro will limit the black borders to mere 0.05mm, which is pretty impressive. There will be a Super AMOLED 5.2-inch display with 1080p resolution. Like the Le Max 2, the screen has a maximum brightness of 500 nits and minimum brightness of 1 nit.

Like mentioned above, the phone can boast of a lot of firsts, and among them being the first one to come with 10 different professional sensors. Wondering which are these 10 sensors? Here’s the list:  gravity sensor, 3-axis gyroscope, three-axis magnetic sensor, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, heart rate, blood oxygen sensor, a pressure sensor, ultraviolet sensors, and Hall effect sensor. With the help of the company’s health app, you should be able to keep a thorough check on your body.

zuk z2 pro 01

Under the hood, the ZUK Z2 Pro comes with the powerful Snapdragon 820. But there’s more, the company claims that this is the first phone to utilize 100% performance from the chipset. Still doubtful? Well, the company has released the AnTuTu score of the device and it gets a good 144,939 on the benchmarking test. One of the best we have seen till date.

But SD820 isn’t just the pick of the hardware. The Z2 Pro comes with a 6GB RAM version as well, joining the likes of Le Max 2 and Vivo XPlay 5 Premium. You get a large 128GB ROM on this version, making sure you never have to worry about storage. There’s another version, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, i.e. for those, who want to save a few hundred bucks.

zuk z2 pro 02

Coming to the camera, there’s serious technology being used inside the Z2 Pro. The phone comes with both OIS and EIS, so dual image stabilization. There is a 13MP rear camera sensor with f/1.8 aperture, 1.34 micron pixel size and pixel isolation technology support. The rear cam supports 4K video recording. As for the front camera, you get an 8MP 1.4 micron sensor with f/2.0 and support for heartrate check. Yes, this is not a mistake, as the ZUK Z2 Pro is probably the first smartphone that can identify your heart rate using the front camera. So, next time you are with a girl for a selfie, make sure you turn this feature off, or else, she’ll know you are nervous.

Now, moving on to the fingerprint sensor, the Z2 Pro claims to be the first fingerprint-enabled phone to work with wet hands. The company has used a self-learning algorithm to ensure that recognition improves with time. You can unlock the device in just 0.1 seconds. As for the connectivity features, the phone supports USB Type-C 3.1, QC 3.0, full netcom 3.0 standard, 4G+ VoLTE, and international roaming. The phone will run on the new ZUK 2.0 system with iCloud which can backup all your data for safe restore at a later time.

Inside, you have a 3100mAh capacity battery with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 support.

zuk z2 pro 04

Now, coming to the most interesting part of the device, the pricing. ZUK Z1 was an affordable device and the company has priced the Z2 Pro on the same lines. The 6GB + 128GB ROM variant will go on sale for just 2699 Yuan ($416). Registrations start on April 22 from 10 AM in China. No word on the pricing of the 4GB  + 64GB ROM version yet.

So, what do you think about the phone? Will you pick the Le Max 2 or the ZUK Z2 Pro?