The Ultimate Selfie Stick? Blitzwolf Selfie Stick Review

by Linus 0

Selfie sticks may not be the newest invention in the tech world but we came across the Blitzwolf selfie stick that sports a great build quality, has a lot of features and it is affordable. Learn more in our full review.

BlitzWolf Ultimate 4 Button Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review: UNBOXING

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A selfie stick comes with a carbine, USB cable for charging and some instruction manuals.

BlitzWolf Ultimate 4 Button Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review: DESIGN and FEATURES


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When it comes to the design, the selfie stick is well made. It uses aluminum and quality plastic in the construction.IMG_1461

One of the key features is that the selfie stick connects to your phone via Bluetooth and it can control your phone’s camera to take pictures. The buttons allow you to take a picture, switch cameras on the phone, zoom in or zoom out.


On the side we have a charging port as well as power on/off switch.

IMG_1470 IMG_1471

A rubber handle makes the stick very comfortable to hold. On the bottom, we have a mount screw.

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I’ve tested this selfie stick with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and it works fine for selfie camera but other features do not work.

Thus, you have to download a Blitzwolf Shutter app to make all the buttons on a selfie stick work. The interface of the app is very simple. Also, all the buttons on a selfie stick work absolutely fine using the app. The only shortcoming is that the app does not allow to use the 4k video recording feature of the back camera.

BlitzWolf Ultimate 4 Button Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review: CONCLUSIONS


Selfie sticks are definitely not the newest invention in the tech industry but if you are looking for one, the Blitzwolf product will not disappoint.


It sports a great design, build quality and it has a lot of buttons to control your selfie game. Also, the battery seems to last forever. I could not kill it in a few weeks and it will probably last for days to come.

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The phone cradle is of a great quality too. It kept my Galaxy s7 edge in place fine. Well, if it didn’t, this review would be completely different.


All in all, Blitzwolf selfie stick is a great product that does not cost a lot. You can get it for less than $17 and it is a great value for the money if you are in the market of selfie sticks.