OnePlus VR Headset Review – Good but Not Really Comfortable

by Linus 6

OnePlus 3 official release date is approaching and I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get the OnePlus Loop VR headset for free. Well, I just needed to pay the shipping fee of 7 EUR, to be precise. I spent some time with it and here is my full review.

OnePlus VR  Headset Review: VIDEO

OnePlus VR  Headset Review: UNBOXING


Inside in the box you are getting the headset itself, some paperwork, a cleaning cloth and a head strap.

OnePlus VR  Headset Review: DESIGN and FEATURES


The very first thing that is going to impress you is the build quality. I’m not sure what will be the retails price of it but I presume it will be around $30.


The headset uses high-quality plastic, rubber, foam and other materials and the device does not look cheap at all.

The one and only thing that you can control is the distance between your eyes. I was disappointed that you cannot control the distance between the phone and your eyes. Also, you have to know that this is a passive headset, meaning that there are no control buttons.

I am not going to talk too much what you can do with any basic VR headset but you can check out the video of the Blitzwolf VR headset review for that.


In order to start using the VR headset, you have to slide your phone in and for this review I used the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. There is some foam and rubber inside the sliding part and it kept my phone secure. Well, this review would have been completely different otherwise.

When it comes to any VR headset, one of the key aspects is comfort. Unfortunately, the OnePlus headset fails in this department.


I may sound a little subjective, or my nose has a weird shape, or my head has a weird shape… I don’t know… but the main issue is that there is no cushion on the nose part and it is really uncomfortable. You can partly solve this issue by sliding the headset up to your forehead but it may slide back.

OnePlus VR  Headset Review: CONCLUSIONS


I can’t complain much about the OnePlus VR headset since I got it for free. In fact, I love a great build quality and a choice of materials. However, you cannot adjust the distance between the phone and your eyes.

Also, I didn’t find the headset to be comfortable to wear. I’m not sure for how much OnePlus is going to sell it but I have reviewed some other cheap options that may not have that great build quality of the OnePlus VR headset, but they are more comfortable to wear.