Huawei Sold Over 2.6 million Huawei P9 & P9 Plus Smartphones Since Launch

by Joel 0

With much fanfare, Huawei announced the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus flagships early April. The phone instantly got the attention of the crowd because it was the first smartphone to feature a camera that is certified from the legendary Leica. Plus, the amount of marketing and promotions carried out by the company in the past couple of months ensured that the phone was going to do well in the market. The reviews of the P9 have been more or less positive so far, and hence, it is no surprise that Huawei managed to sell over 2.6 million units of its P9 and P9 Plus flagships worldwide. In fact, this milestone has been reportedly achieved in just a matter of six months since it first went on sale.

Huawei P9 Line

The company is not only doing well in China, but also internationally. Huawei reveals that the sales of the Huawei P9 are 130% higher than the figures of the Huawei P8 that was announced last year. Again when compared to the P8’s sales figures, P9 has done very well in France, with an increase of 1000%, and 400% in Poland and Finland. Even in UK, the sales are 300% higher than last year’s P8, which is a good indication that the new flagship is much more well received than last year’s model.

This is good news for the company, who is currently the third largest smartphone maker in the world. While it’s still far away from ¬†Samsung and Apple in terms of total sales, the company seems to be slowly catching up with the top two phone makers. Considering that Apple and Samsung have recently slowed down in terms of growth, is it possible that Huawei will succeed in its plans to become the top phone maker, beating these two companies in the next five years?