Huawei ships 28.3 million phones in Q1 2016

by Jed John 2

Last year, Huawei shipped well over 100 million smartphones globally, which happened to be the largest shipment by any of the over 300 of China’s phone manufacturers. The monumental achievement helped Huawei climb to the enviable position as the world’s third largest smartphone maker, just behind global giants Samsung and Apple.

In a bid to build on last year’s successes, the company did set a goal of 140 million smartphone shipment for 2016 and recent reports point to the fact that the Chinese phone company is well on its way to achieving its set goal.

Huawei - Leica

According to reports in the Electronic times, Huawei recently announced that its mobile phones shipment for the first quarter of 2016 reached a whopping 28.3 million units.

Huawei’s flagship P9 and P9 Plus devices released just two months back, have recorded sales exceeding 2.6 million units according to recent data from Huawei. Both the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus sport dual rear cameras manufactured by renowned German camera maker – Leica as their strongest selling point.

Again, Huawei is expected to release another flagship device this July – the Huawei Honor 8, which is expected to carry a moderate price of 2000 Yuan. Then in September, the Huawei Mate series gets a new baby tagged Mate S2 which is expected to carry of between 4000 – 5000 Yuan. These two heavyweights are expected to further boost Huawei’s smartphone sales for the remaining part of the year.

There had been news reports that Huawei plans to scale down its 2016 phones shipment goal to 120 million but then it turned out the news were mere rumors. The Chinese phone giant has since debunked that report as false.

According to Richard Yu, Chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group in a TV interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the smartphone giant still targets 140 million phone shipments this 2016, an ambitious figure which would see the company’s growth jump over 30%.