Amazing MIUI 8 Upcoming Feature: Lost Mobile Tracking Without SIM

by Jed John 0

A good number of smartphones these days pop with tracking functions in the event of loss or theft of the device and unfortunately, those functions are network dependent. However, MIUI 8 is about to change that. A lot of these phones can be located using cloud services but when the phone is in an area where there’s no network coverage or the SIM card is removed, this function becomes invalid.

Xiaomi MIUI 8

However, MIUI officials have come out with a somewhat great news that a new feature is being developed for the latest MIUI 8. The official revealed that the current Mi Cloud services will soon combine the phone lookup feature with virtual SIM feature to detect a phone even without a SIM card.

What this implies is that Mi Cloud would be able to detect the phone’s location even if the smartphone’s SIM card was pulled out by someone. As soon as the phone is booted, regardless of the presence of a SIM card inside, Mi Cloud would detect the device and pinpoint the location.

If this news is true, then it becomes very easy recovering lost or stolen phones and that would be a big boost to Xiaomi phones running the MIUI 8. More so, the feature will join other amazing features like fingerprint payment, split-screen and screen recording functionalities which are currently under development for the MIUI 8 version.

MIUI 8 also builds in several technology breakthroughs such as being able to clone apps and manage multiple accounts on the same phone and a host of other amazing features.

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