Gionee Rumored to Infuse Their phones with Security Chip

by Habeeb Onawole 1

While we are looking forward to the launch of the Gionee M6 Pro, a sketch of a new Gionee phone was leaked online. The image which shows the usual chips associated with mobile devices, viz.: CPU and GPU, also features a third chip.

Gionee Security chip

 The CPU which is the brain of the phone, handles all the instructions we send to our phones with the efficiency of the CPU determined by how quickly these instructions are carried out. While the GPU is designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to  display.

So why does this sketch feature a third chip? Speculations floating around says it is a security chip and the phone sporting it will be the world’s first mass-produced device to achieve hardware-level security.

Gionee’s phones such as the M5, M5 Plus,and S8 are targeted at the business class. For this demographic, security is very important, hence Gionee’s reason to take security level higher by including a dedicated chip in the phone.

There are currently no details  about how it is supposed to work but once we get our hands on more information we sure will let you know.

Gionee movie

On a side note, Gionee announced a collaboration with famous film director, Feng Xiaogang, and movie star, Shawn. The result of the collaboration is an upcoming film translated to ”Mobile Core Wars”. There is a possibility that the security chip might be related to the movie in one way or the other.

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