Meizu’s New Bluetooth Speaker Has a Build Quality Way Higher Than Its Price

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Meizu launched a new speaker (not the Meizu Gravity) called the Lifeme BTS30 alongside the MX6 flagship today with a price tag of 399 Yuan ($60).

While the price tag is affordable, Meizu says it is a premium speaker that has the build quality of a 3000 Yuan ($448) device. The speaker which has a simple design similar to transistor radios of old without the knob and dials, weighs 685 grams, has 3D sound technology, and comes in silver and black.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 and has a range of up to 10 meters. There is a Texas Instruments TPA3130 amplifier IC in it and a battery that can last for up to 7 hours.

meizu speaker

The power button, volume rocker, and call button (just in case you want to use this for answering calls) are positioned on the right. We can’t tell if the buttons are aluminium like the rest of the body or if they are made out of plastic until we get our hands on a unit.

Meizu has added 2 anti-slip pads to the base so that it doesn’t slide off your desk when pumping out sounds.

While it does look really nice, the only fault we can see is the absence of an auxiliary port. It would have been an added feature.

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Meizu is offering the speaker for 339 Yuan ($50) if you buy it alongside the MX6.