Pictures of Lenovo Moto Z Play Surfaces

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Lenovo launched the Moto Z and Moto Z Force in June and mentioned that a lower version, tagged the Moto Z Play is in the works.

A Google+ page by the name HelloMotoHK, which is known for leaking Motorola products has posted real images of the Moto Z Play. There is an image showing the phone running Lenovo’s One UI which is used for their products in China, hinting at a possible China launch.

Moto Z Play

The Moto X Play which is a lower version of the Moto X Style (Moto X Pure Edition) launched in India last year. Apart from the possible Asia launch they will have in common, the Moto Z Play is expected to have a larger battery than its siblings just like the X Play.




The design of the Moto Z Play doesn’t look much different from the other Moto Z phones, and we can see it also sports a connector and pins which means it should work with Moto Mods out of the box. Not looking different means it will retain the disadvantages such as the large camera hump and the fingerprint magnet.

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Two of the pictures also show the phone with the tag ”Vector” which was one of the code names used for one of the Motorola devices ahead of the Moto Z launch.

It is currently unknown when this phone will launch and if it will be available outside of China. While it does feature nice specs and cool features, the price will determine if folks will choose it over the Moto G4 Plus, considering that the Moto Mods are expensive as well.