Huami Watch Will have 3-Day Battery Life and Possibly Run Android Wear OS

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The CEO of Huami Technology might have just revealed the company’s upcoming watch will run android wear while he was talking about the battery life.

In his post, Mr. Wang said he has used a number of smartwatches running android or android wear from big brands and battery life didn’t go beyond a day. He also mentioned that since the second generation Mi Band offers a 20-day battery life and he has gotten a 7-day battery life from other big name sports bracelets, he should be able to get a few days from the Huami watch.

Huami ceo huami weibo Huami ceo 2

Only to later post that the smartwatch will have a battery life of 2 days under normal use or close to 3 days but not more.

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Apart from the battery life, the CEO also hinted at the Huami smartwatch possibly having a circular dial with touch support and also feature physical buttons.

Huami watch poster

The company has released a teaser image for the smartwatch which mentions a friendly-user interface and a pedometer.