Huami confirms August 30 Release Date for Smartwatch

by Habeeb Onawole 2

While we are still waiting for Xiaomi to release its own smartwatch, a company called Huami is releasing its own smartwatch on August 30. Some of you might not be familiar with the company, so we’ll give a brief history lecture.

xiaomi watch

Xiaomi’s popular Mi Band was the result of a partnership between Xiaomi and Huaheng Electronic Technology. The partnership resulted in Huami Technology (Huaheng + Xiaomi) with Huaheng providing manufacturing expertise and Xiaomi providing financial backing.

Following the success of the Mi Band, Huami launched a new watch called the Amazefit. The ceramic watch was backed by other investors other than Xiaomi like Bayan Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Morningside Capital. Now Huami is releasing a new smartwatch come 30th of August.

mi spokesperson smartwatch comment

After the CEO, Hua Huang, posted on Weibo about the upcoming smartwatch, Xiaomi’s official spokesman responded to the post by saying that this is not Xiaomi’s watch but a Huami watch. While Xiaomi is truly working on a smartwatch, based on rumours and leaks, it is also said to launch this month as well but won’t have a low price tag.

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According to sources, this Huami smartwatch has been under development for 2 years in the United States and will have a price tag of 1000 Yuan ($150) when it officially launches.