Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by Habeeb Onawole 0

After reading about the official launch of Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum, we knew you’d be itching for some real images of the product.

The vacuum cleaner comes in white with the LDS sensors on the  top coated orange. Underneath the exterior is a NIDEC motor, an adjustable main brush and a plethora of sensors which includes a Laser Distance Sensor, a gyroscope, and a cliff sensor.

The in-built 5200mAh battery will suffice for a 250 square metre area or 2.5 hrs of cleaning time.

Xiaomi has put in 3 chips from Texas Instruments, Allwinner, and STMicroelectronics for processing of data.

Using the Mi Home App, you will be able to plan cleaning paths, and schedules, and monitor the cleaning process and stats of the vacuum cleaner. There is also an additional virtual wall similar to what iRobot offers. The Mi Robot Vacuum has a MRRP of $254 and the virtual wall sells for $6.

Below are the unboxing images. I like how the charging cable folds neatly behind the charging dock. Quite neat.