Xiaomi Officially Releases Mi Robot Vacuum. Priced at $254 (1699 Yuan)

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Xiaomi has added a robot vacuum cleaner to its range of smart home products. Over the past few weeks we reported that the company was working on a vacuum cleaner and a couple of hours ago, it was officially unveiled. The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes a week after Xiaomi launched the Viomi Water Filter Kettle.

Mi Robot Vacuum 1

Technical Details

The vacuum cleaner uses a low-noise brush-less fan supplied by Japanese firm, NIDEC. The fan has a maximum pressure of 1800Pa which provides greater suction power when dealing with tough dirt.


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Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum uses 3 dedicated processors: a quad-core processor from Allwinner, a STMicroelectronics ARM processor, and a Texas Instruments LDS image processor. The trio helps the vacuum cleaner receive data in real time from the 12 sensors (LDS, ultrasonic radar sensor, wall sensor and cliff sensor etc.). The Laser Distance Sensors provide a 360-degrees scanning (1800 times/second) similar to what you will find on a self-driving car.


The 5200mAh Li-ion built-in battery supplied by LG and Panasonic ensures that you get 2.5 hour cleaning time from a single charge.

Cleaning Details

The Mi Robot Vacuum will work with the Mi Home App. Owners will be able to set cleaning schedules, modify cleaning modes, and monitor cleaning process in real-time. You will be able to program it to clean the house right after you leave the house or before your arrival in case you are bringing home guests and you left a pet at home.

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The main brush automatically adjusts its height to create a tight seal with the floor. There are also side brushes that extend to reach between gaps. While the vacuum cleaner works it maintains a precise 1 cm distance from the wall, so be rest assured that your beautiful vacuum cleaner won’t be getting any scratches.

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The Mi Robot Vacuum seems to be only available in white. We have no problem with that but a black unit will be appreciated. The company also launched a virtual wall that creates an invisible barrier that the vacuum cleaner can’t go beyond. It will retail for 39 yuan ($6). So you can pick up a  bunch of these and add it to the Mi Robot’s 1699 Yuan ($254) price.

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