Pictures of Square Face Motorola Smartwatch Leaked

by Habeeb Onawole 0

During IFA, ASUS launched the 3rd generation Zenwatch. The new watch is a big change from the previous models as it uses a circular display instead of square/rectangle like its predecessors. But it seems ASUS wasn’t the only company that thought square face watches were cool back then as leaked images from an unknown source shows a Motorola Smartwatch with a square display. The watch is most likely a prototype unit from the early days that was shelved in favour of t he better looking round face Moto 360.

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The smartwatch which has the words ”Motorola Confidential Property” written boldly on the top bezel features a USB port at the back and a power button on the left side. The Moto 360 uses a Qi charging dock and has a dial in place of the power button. Since there is a rubber flap covering the port, it is possible the watch is waterproof.

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The company was expected to launch a new version of the Moto 360 watch at IFA Berlin, but that didn’t happen. We still have more than 3 months before the year runs out, so we wouldn’t rule out a Moto 360 3rd Gen. The watch might launch just in time for the holidays.

If the original Moto 360 had come with a square face, would you have bought it?