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Photos of Vernee Mars with Carbon Soot Metal Back Leaks

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Vernee’s 6GB RAM phone called Vernee Mars is expected to launch in November which is still a good 2 months away, but the new manufacturer doesn’t want you to forget and has been releasing details of the phone in bits. Today we have images of the phone in Carbon Soot.

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We have reported pictures of the phone in champagne gold and we have seen pictures of a blue version as well (blue seems to be the new rose gold), these new pictures hints at the phone having 3 colour options.

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Vernee has adopted an arc design for the antenna lines which is similar to what is on the Meizu Pro 6. It also shares design similarities with the iPhone 6s (camera and LED flash placement).

First set of pictures of the Mars shows it has got thin bezels.It has also been said to launch with Mediatek’s Helio P20 chip. There is no news about the price and the exact launch date but based on the competitive pricing of their previous devices, we expect it to have an affordable price tag.

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  • I like newcomer Vernee. I like their philosophy and approach. The Thor and Apollo Lite where decent. Quality is ok, support is nice. Now it’s just waiting for a real flagship phone.

    I hope someday soon they’ll have something that’s really fully packed with edge-to-edge 2D display (like Nubia Z9/Z11), 5.2 or 5.5″ and something like ZTE’s F.I.T. (gotta love it!). Dual cam set-up w/ PDAF, laser focus or something, enhanced flash & frontfacing cam with flash. Front or side fingerprint ID. Capacitive nav buttons (nothing I dislike more than onscreen keys… there’s going to be a top and bottom part anyways, might as well add physical buttons). Dedicated user assignable side button (in camera mode: shutter). NFC. IR blaster. Notification LED. Factory Qi charging. DualSIM + microSD (SIM+SIM+SDcard, not either SIM+SIM or SIM+microSD). FM Radio (I can’t believe a manufacturer would leave this out, but there are instances!) and all that good stuff. Like movies/videos… can look sick as fuck, but if the audio is terrible, nobody’s going to enjoy it. So a proper Hi-Fi solution. Proper speakers and mics. Noise cancellation. Stuff like that. There’s a lot of phones in the 139-229 range that are decent, but how about a phone that does it all at around 269~329?

    • princetom

      Make it 350-400. Don’t forget it will come with 4/6 g ram and 64g rom. Or to keep price down 6/32 and i will use my SD card. Simple

      • Yeah, that might be a little bit more realistically priced for having it all.