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Xiaomi Mi 5S’ 12MP Sony IMX378 Sensor: 26 Original Camera Samples With EXIF Data

by Joe 16

Xiaomi and Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun have been teasing the camera samples from the Xiaomi Mi 5S for the past few days. However, these were without EXIF data and not even in full resolution. While the images looked stellar, in terms of its clarity and color reproduction, they were not quite enough to confirm that the Mi 5S indeed had a great camera.

mi 5s camera

Now, we have got 26 original camera samples from the Xiaomi Mi 5S’s 12MP Sony IMX378 camera sensor and they look pretty good. While we can judge the actual performance of the camera module only after testing out the Mi 5S’ camera in real life, these pictures taken by professional photographers do give us a glimpse of the capability of the large sensor on the back of the device.

We have covered the camera of the Mi 5S in detail in our launch article, but to recap, the phone features a 12MP Sony IMX378 sensor at the back with 1/2.3 inch sensor and large 1.55-micron pixels. This should effectively translate into better low light photography and better details on the images captured. And these samples do give us a hint that the low light photography of the phone is going to be impressive.

Note that some of the images are of the resolution 4000 x 3000 pixels (12MP) and some are of 3264 x 2448 (8MP resolution). All these photos have their original EXIF data, so you can check all the details in the original images.

Also, if you would like to download the original images, you can do that directly from this google drive link.

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  • Alfa O. Diallo

    These pics are just amazing! As we know, the mi5’s camera was its main weakness. I think, for that reason, Xiaomi made it a point of honor to improve the ability of this new one. Just hope these pics are not fake…

    • bro-reac

      indeed hope they are not.

  • NextHype

    How come there is absolutely no noise on the dark parts of low-light pics ?
    Especially the 4th pic inside a hall, shot against light… odd

    • Nam Dang

      Manual mode is the magic key.

      • NextHype

        I only use manual mode with my phones, I own a V10 (previsouly an Oppo Find 7) and seriously I never get zero noise when shooting against light in low-light env.

        But hey, if Xiaomi, who has never been able to produce a good camera with manual controls in 5 years, can get to a point they’re able to deliver this kind of technological prowess in a single iteration (mi5 -> mi5s) and a few months of work, you can call me Mr Stoopid.

        Right now I prefere Mr Sceptical.

        • Nam Dang

          Hmm, I got the Oppo Find 7a and I managed to do quite a good amount of beautiful low-light pictures with manual mode.
          Zero noise is nearly impossible, but you can get to an high end level if you know how to shoot.
          By that it means knowing how to control certain values and using a tripod.

          • NextHype

            “Zero noise is nearly impossible”

            I see we’re coming to an agreement ^^

    • Azurpha

      It is also in hdr aka where you combine images and so on, hence the noise reduction, if it was one single shot, it wouldnt look that great, but it does seem to be pretty good.

  • Genko

    Ever made a picture with a smartphone with just auto mode on? The lack of OIS and the quality of the pictures assume that the photographer had plenty of time for tge setup, therefore these puctures do NOT represent the real life experience endusers will have with this phone.

    • Nam Dang

      It is probably not in auto mode.
      Experts and fotographers tend to use manual mode – better setup at every situation.
      That’s why these picture are phenomenal.

      • Genko

        Thats what I meant. These pictures do not represent the real life experience endusers will have. No OIS means that 1 out of 2 pictures will be too shaky, the sensor can be phenomenal but if the picture is blurry its for the paper bin.
        I did not know the difference but since my HTC 10 I do and that is a deal breaker for the Mi5s, really.

        • Nam Dang

          Nah, basically they are showing what this sensor is capable of.
          Camera samples by manufacturers mostly are 1. highly edited in post-production 2. shot at professional environment.
          Shooting in auto-mode may be used by 99% of all users, but then it’s our preference (or “fault”).
          Using a smartphone with fast LTE, but then having no LTE contract is a good example to it.
          You want the best (best quality, best speed), so you better do best (shoot at professional level, using fast LTE contract).

    • Azurpha

      No, cause I’m not a basic human being, get iPhone in that case. I’m here to see the post-processing, sensor quality and lens quality not its ability to use auto mode.

  • LinkWii777

    Look at Mi5 in my hand, loser in color and low light and everything…

  • Макар

    What about OIS?????????

  • Nice fake photos.