Xiaomi Mi 5S & Mi 5S Plus Hands On & Unboxing Images

by Jed John 13

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus have both been unveiled and indeed the unveiling was packed with lots of surprises. Most surprising is the fact that the Mi 5S Plus is only a Plus version in size and not ready a higher variant of the Mi 5S . Another surprise package is the actual render of the devices, especially the Mi 5S which looked nothing like the leaked renders we had been holding on to. Yet another surprise, perhaps the most epic of the lot, is the price tag which the Xiaomi Mi 5S amd 5S Plus carries, which even comes cheaper than the cheap price tag they had been rumored to carry. You’ll get to see this early hands on and unboxing images which comes courtesy of Sina Technology.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

The Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus are real beauties in all ramifications; beautiful design, awesome specs, innovative features and lots. However, they both cannot be at par, the Mi 5S comes in as the most innovative, and beautiful of the duo. The Mi 5S alone features the acclaimed under glass ultrasonic fingerprint scanner situated as a virtual button at the home screen region right under the display.

mi 5s Plus

The Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus on the other hand, comes as a 5.7 incher and sports a dual camera at its rear which is said to include a black and white sensor and a color sensor. They both can work independently or together to give crisp clear images devoid of image noise. Its own fingerprint scanner is at the back under the dual cameras and there are no virtual buttons but capacitive keys on the device.


If you don’t look carefully, merely staring at the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus box casing would give the impression that you are staring at the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus boxes. And quite frankly, opening up the boxes reveal devices as beautiful, if not more beautiful, as the latest iPhones. The devices comes inside the boxes with their charger and data cables.

mi 5s

We must not fail however to point out that the shape of the virtual button looks nothing like the iPhone’s round home key as rumored but rather maintains Xiaomi’s custom oblong shape. The only different should be the fact that the button this time around is a virtual one and you won’t get to hear the click sound when pressed.

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mi 5S unboxing

In all, these are real beauties and it is just apt to say that the China phone giants seem to be on a mission to redefine what a flagship actually is. First OnePlus 3, then Le Pro 3 and now the Mi 5S has taken the old impression that a flagship has to be pricey to the cleaners and we are indeed impressed! Delight yourselves in lot more images from down below.

Xiaomi Mi 5Smi 5s

mi 5s Plusmi 5smi 5s vs mi 5s plusmi 5s vs miu 5s plus

mi 5s

mi 5s plus