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Leagoo M5 Review – My New Favourite Cheap Phone

by Linus 4

Leagoo M5 is yet another budget phone from China and it is actually one of the best $60 phones you can buy at the moment. Learn more in the full Gizmochina’s review.

Leagoo M5 Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Leagoo M5 Review: UNBOXING

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The phone comes with all the usual stuff and some extras include a pair of cheap earphones, which sound quite terrible.

Leagoo M5 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


The Leagoo M5 is a very well-built phone. It uses a solid metal frame that goes all around the device and tactile metal buttons. Honestly, the phone feels a lot sturdier than some more expensive devices out there.


Although the backplate is glossy and it attracts fingerprints and smudges, it still feels high quality.


Since it is a $60 phone, we don’t have neither notification LED light nor backlit capacitive buttons but a 5” 720p display is sharp enough for the daily use.


Also, the phone is very compact but it is kind of on a heavy side as it weighs 180g.

We have an 8MP camera and a fingerprint sensor, which are installed in a high-quality metal frame. Speaking of that fingerprint sensor, it is not the fastest I’ve seen but it definitely gets the job done and it works straight from the standby mode. Also, you can use the fingerprint sensor as a touchpad. The ability to scroll through the menus is one of my favorite features.

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It’s not that easy to remove a backplate but underneath it, you can find 2 SIM card slots, microSD card slot and a removable 2300mAh battery.

I was fairly impressed by the loudspeaker quality. Sure, it is not the best but it is better than a lot of phones that costs as twice as much.



For $60, the Leagoo M5 has some pretty good specs. The phone ships with the quad-core Mediatek 6580A chip, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.

The 3D gaming performance is surprisingly good. The Asphalt 8, which is one of the most versatile games to test the phone’s performance runs absolutely fine on the medium graphics.

Leagoo M5 Review: BENCHMARKS

Leagoo M5 Review: USER INTERFACE

Having reviewed quite a few phones made by Leagoo, I knew what to expect. The Android 6 based user interface is highly customized. The app tray is gone but there are quite a few features and customization options. Some of them may look a bit gimmicky but others are actually pretty useful.


Most importantly, the phone has been fast and fluid even after installing quite a few apps.

Leagoo M5 Review: IMAGE QUALITY

You should never expect great-looking images from the phone this cheap and the Leagoo M5 is no exception. Sure, you can get some decent images that are usable for social media but nothing more.

Same can be said about the front facing camera.

Leagoo M5 Review: CONNECTIVITY


I didn’t have any issues with neither of the connectivity options except for the fact that it takes a bit longer to get the GPS position lock.

Leagoo M5 Review: BATTERY LIFE


A 2300mAh does not really sound impressive. The battery will get you through the day if you are not a heavy user only. That translates to just over 3 hours of screen-on time.

Leagoo M5 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Leagoo M5 is a very solid phone for just $60. Sure, it is not a perfect device but even with a few shortcomings, it can be highly recommended if you are in the market of a super cheap smartphone for under $60.



Leagoo M5 is a very solid phone for just $60. Sure, it is not a perfect device but even with a few shortcomings, it can be highly recommended if you are in the market of a super cheap smartphone for under $60.

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User Interface
Battery Life
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