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LeEco Le Pro 3 Review – Le Superphone or Not?

by Linus 25

LeEco Le Pro line has been quite successful as these phones bring a lot of value for the price. The Le Pro 3 is the newest model that brings all the latest specs and premium design for the price of just below $290. Is it any good? My name is Linus, you are watching Gizmochina, stay tuned for a full review.

Thanks to Oppomart for sending LeEco Le Pro 3 for a review.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: VIDEO REVIEW

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: UNBOXING

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The phone comes in quite a premium box, where you can find all the usual items and some extras include a nice soft TPU case and the USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter since the phone does not have the headset jack.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: SPECS

5.5″ 1080p LCD (~403 ppi pixel density)
Processor and GPU
Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821, Quad-core (2×2.35 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo), Adreno 530 GPU
8MP Front/Dual 16MP Back
Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI, GSM,EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, dual-SIM.
4.070 mAh (non-removable)
151.4 x 73.9 x 7.5 mm / 175g
eUI 5.8 (Android 6.0)
32GB (not expandable)

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


The Le Pro 3 continues a familiar design language we’ve seen on previous LeEco models.


It is made entirely of metal and it sits comfortably in the hand. What is nice about this phone is that it has a relatively sleek profile despite the fact that it has a beefy 4070mAh battery.


We have a 5.5” 1080p display. Sure, some may say it is a downgrade from the 2k resolution panel but the display is still plenty sharp, bright and vibrant. However, the direct sunlight legibility could be slightly better.


We have an 8MP selfie shooter along with the notification LED light and nicely backlit capacitive buttons.


When it comes to optics, there is a 16MP shooter with f/2.0 aperture and a dual tone dual-LED flash. However, the camera lacks OIS.


The fingerprint sensors have been great on all the LeEco phones and the Le Pro 3 is no exception. The scanner is fast, accurate and it allows you unlock the phone straight from the standby mode.


The buttons are nice and tactile, and they do not rattle.


We have the IR blaster to control devices like TVs but gone is the headset jack, so you would need to use the included adapter or Bluetooth earphones. On the other hand, the sound quality via the USB-C port is very good.


As for loudspeaker, it is definitely one of the better ones you can find in this price range of phones.



When it comes to hardware, the LeEco Le Pro 3 is yet another powerhouse that sports the newest Snapdragon 821 chip.

My review unit comes with 4GB of RAM and just 32GB of non-expandable storage, which is a shame for LeEco.


On the other hand, you can opt in for the top-shelf model that has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

These kind of specs allow you to play any 3D games without any issues. Also, the phone does not overheat even after extensive playing sessions.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: USER INTERFACE


I have always liked the LeEco’s eUI, which is built on top of Android 6.0.

The user interface is clean-looking and there are quite a few features to play with. One of my favorites is the multitasking window, where you can also access your quick settings toggles in one place.

Also, you can customize the phone with themes, fonts, wallpapers or use the search bar to quickly find stuff.


After using the phone for quite a bit of time, I can tell you that it is fast and fluid on the daily basis.

However, you have to know that the Chinese version comes with some bloatware, there is the Letv services button instead of a home button, the Google services are not pre-installed and there are no multi-languages.


On the other hand, you can always throw in a third-party launcher and the Google Now launcher finally works on the eUI.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: CAMERA

As usual to the LeEco phones, you can take pictures very fast thanks to the PDAF system.

There are just some basic settings and there aren’t too many shooting modes to choose from. Most of the users may miss the pro-mode but I really miss the auto-HDR mode, which really helps in some tricky situations.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: IMAGE QUALITY


The daylight images taken with the Le Pro 3 look pretty sharp and detailed for a sub-$300 phone. However, most of the shots turned out to be a little underexposed and the colors seem to be over-saturated to me.

Most of the indoor pictures were taken in poor lighting and thus, there is quite a bit of noise and less detail.

The low-light camera performance is a disappointment, to be honest. There is such a low amount of detail and there is plenty of noise. I expected a lot more from the Le Pro 3 in this department.

The selfie image quality leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the pictures I took just look soft and there could be more detail.

When it comes to the 4k video quality, I would say it is above average. The footage could definitely look a little sharper. Also, I didn’t like the sound recording quality and the lack of OIS makes the video look a little shaky. See the video review for a video sample.

Download full resolution camera samples

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: CONNECTIVITY


When it comes to connectivity, the Le Pro 3 is a great performer in almost all departments.


My biggest frustration is that there is no microSD card slot as I have a version with only 32GB of storage, which is not enough for me.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review: BATTERY LIFE


The phone ships with a beefy 4070mAh battery, which will let you use the phone for at least a few days, depending on your usage habits.

I could constantly get way over 6 hours of screen-on time on kind of heavy usage, which is a good result.


Also, the Le Pro 3 comes with the fast charger to make the most out of the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 tech. I was able  to fully charge the phone in just around 1 hour.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Review:  CONCLUSIONS


The LeEco Le Pro 3 is a very solid phone that does not even cost $300 but it does not mean it is perfect.


The device sports a premium all-metal build, nice and sharp display, some bleeding-edge hardware components that assure a great day-to-day and gaming performance. Also, the Le Pro 3 has a great battery, a reliable and fast fingerprint reader.


However, you have to know that there is no headset jack, so would need to use the supplied adapter or Bluetooth earphones. Also, there is no microSD card slot, the user interface has some Chinese bloatware and last but not least, the low-light and the selfie camera performance is poor.


At the end of the day, the LeEco Le Pro 3 is still a solid phone for the price but you have to consider if the previously mentioned shortcomings are important to you or not.


LeEco Le Pro 3 is still a solid phone for the price but you have to consider if the previously mentioned shortcomings are important to you or not.

Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
3D Gaming Performance
Overall Performance
Value for Money
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  • Benjamin Machado

    leeco le pro 3 vs xiaomi 5s plus,wich is better?

    • mopsert

      Le Max 2! 😛

      Great review btw as always!

      I am kinda puzzled, why LeEco didn’t release a 5.7″ QHD version so far. Especially with the Mi5s Plus being out there. But with LeEco you never know. There will probably be a Le Max 3 with SD823 in a few weeks time! 😉

    • AtereJr

      One thing is sure, both the Mi5s and Mi5s plus have better camera performance than the Le pro3

  • balcobomber25

    This review helped to convince me to buy one when it launches in the US on November 2nd! Another great review by Linus.

    • bro-reac

      Linus is the only person left with the true sense of our purpose on these sites. Linus your review wast thorough.

      • thanks a lot! a great comment!

        • Muhammad Yasir

          i ALWAYS appreciate your reviews … esp the criticism on cams.

          i will ONLY believe a phone has good cam when you say so… so far , most are shite !

    • thanks!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      are u sure man ? the cam is HORRIBLE … for $300 (or $350 in US?) you are better off with something else

      • balcobomber25

        I wouldn’t call it horrible, I would say it’s about right for a $300 phone. Besides my other phone is the Honor 8 which has a very good camera, this phone I want for the battery/entertainment.

  • Sunil Adoor

    which smartphone camera is excellent in lowlight condition under 320usd??? zuk2,mx6,verne thor?or any other??? pls. suggest i am totally confused,,,,,,

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Unfortunately none. The only one with a really good cam under 320$ would be a last year Nexus 5X but with out SD card & available only in 16/32GB eMMC variants & only with 2 GB of RAM it doesn’t exactly represent best overlay choice. First step up is Honor 8 (Huawei) but it costs 400$.
      Advice; wait for a holiday season & you might find one for the 350$ (me by even less).
      I have my eye on Xiaomi Mi Max prime (4/128 GB) that is not a champion in any field & it’s huge but it’s overlay the best choice & future proof at least for me with a 320$ price, camera is nothing special (especially at night). I prioritize more usability & audio output.

  • Raky_b

    graat phone, for a even better price, but two thing turns me off…i can’t live without 3,5mm jack, and those black bazels are owful…and after all, you are waching front of a phone most of the time.

  • jimberkas

    another great review, Linus!
    as one of the US releases next week, I would love more info on this and the S3.
    I’m surprised that the camera was so weak.

  • AtereJr

    Nice review again Linus…there’s just one thing i’m curious about.
    Is there a notification LED, or a breathing light in the home button as notification as LeEco claimed?

  • Jalal Mrz

    Le eco should remove does ugly black bezels, looks like does very cheap Android phones

  • Vagelis Minas

    Nice review @Linus. In other reviews i saw that the back of the phone is like brushed metal, why in your unit is smoth? Also witch phone has the better camera? Le Pro 3, le max 2 or cool1 dual? And in which order?

  • Luis Amaral

    As I suspected the camera is the achiles heel of this phone… Its too bad, it could be a true flagship killer with a good camera. As for the chinese bloatware, it is chinese stuff so the US version will not have any of that.

  • Ionut Johnny

    Linus, the reviews God, thanks for it again, good in depth reviews, lots of information.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i CANNOT fucking believe it !

    BAD CAMS on a $300 phone … wtf LeEco !

  • majkel_94

    > “The selfie image quality leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the pictures I took just look soft and there could be more detail.”

    I bet that you didn’t turn off “beauty” – there is a face icon on the right, near snapshot button.

  • Faizan Shah

    Nice . But i have seen a Better One , Nomu Mobile , it Has Launched 3 New Beasts with IP68 Certification Super Rugged and the Price Mind Blowing

  • Mohammad Rafiq

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    wish to win IPhone 6 or Uhans Smartphones.

  • Andrew

    The le pro 3 supports full feature NFC. I tested it on mine