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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Sold Out In Just 50 Seconds In the First Sale

by Jed John 5

The much talked about Xiaomi Mi Note 2 today went up on its first sale via Xiaomi official website in China and reports emerging indicate that just 50 seconds after the website opened for those who have already made reservations, the flagship device was indicated to have been sold out.



That is a clear evidence of the popularity and acceptance the Mi Note 2 has got among fans and non-fans of Xiaomi alike. One attractive feature is undoubtedly the double curved or hyperboloid display the Note 2 features and not only that, there are lots of other attractive features coupled with the great price tag.

xiaomi mi note 2 saleXiaomi is offering up the Standard Edition of the Mi Note 2 with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM and a 2799 Yuan price tag as well as the higher version with 6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM and priced at 3299 Yuan, in the flash sale. Buyers also have the options of Bright black and glacier silver colors to choose from. The more pricey Mi Note 2 Global Edition is yet to go on sales by the way.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

According to reports, the next flash sale would come up on November 8 and seriously, that is a long time to wait for someone who missed out on getting his own copy during this first sale. The Mi Note 2 is worth the wait, though.

mi note 2 price

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Just as a reminder, the Xiaomi MIX would be up for pre-order or reservations on November 3. Perhaps you are interested in having one of that, you can wait for it but predictably, the flash sale might not even last up to 20 seconds considering that Xiaomi doesn’t have a large enough stock of the Mi MIX due to its ceramic body. Getting it would almost be the same as winning the lottery, don’t you think?

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  • AshrafChopan

    This Flash Sale crap model of selling will sink Xiaomi for good. One reason why Oppo, Vivo even Gionee galloped ahead of Mi is being Mo’s shitty online sale model…

    • MKBS

      Agreed. They could have easily dominated the Chinese market. This was the same issue with OnePlus initially, but OP scrapped that controversial invite system. You could argue that the invite system is a good way for OP, a new company at the time, to manufacture as much as the demand, and have better control and understanding of the required demand. For Xiaomi however, its unacceptable given how large the corporation and their business operations are (business in Asia, predominantly in China).

      They need to make these phones (and all their products) easily available to the masses for purchase in their home market, then expand. They should already know by now, given the extraordinary purchase rates, that the demand is well high and they are the only one losing by restricting purchases. They better fix up their business model if they looking to expand operations globally, especially in Western markets where Apple and Samsung have huge brand recognition. The world needs more exciting products at reasonable prices, not overpriced recycled garbage that brings not much to the table.

      Good luck Xiaomi. I have faith in you 😀

      • princetom

        What can i say, i even see le eco doing better than xiaomi already in this.

  • Wolvie

    And most of the unit sold online will magically appear again at those china online re-sellers at much higher price.

    This is why a lot of of Xiaomi fans already lost faith as they never ever can get the unit that they want and in the end they have to buy from other brands that always got ready stock.

  • AshrafChopan

    LeEco being a child in smartphones has outdone Xiaomi even in India. Mi customercare support is next to naught. I have emailed them, tweeted them , Fb messaged them even called them but no reply as if yet and it has been 15 days since. I love Mi but they don’t seem to be loving/respecting their customers.