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MIUI 9 Private Beta Based on Android 7.1 Leaked

by Habeeb Onawole 7

It’s no news that Xiaomi is already working on MIUI 9. An insider already leaked that the company held a ceremony recently to kick off the project. Despite that, a new leak suggests that they have might have been working on it for a while already.

MIUI 9 Screenshot

Weibo user @Kjuma posted a screenshot of a phone that has received a private beta of the new ROM. The MIUI version number says 9.10.13 based on Android 7.1  Nougat, and the update is a whooping 1.8GB.

The update will bring new features such as split-screen multitasking and smart gestures support. However, some people have doubted the authenticity of the image as it has the MIUI 8 slogan.


I am not really excited about the new update and I am sure quite a number of MIUI users will share the same opinion as well. While MIUI 9 may be based on Android Nougat, there is a very strong chance that some phones which might receive the update when it is finally released will still be stuck on their current version of android.

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Take the Redmi Note 3 for example, it is still running Android Lollipop even though it is one of Xiaomi’s best selling phones and was released months after Marshmallow was made official. Xiaomi said it was working on a Marshmallow update for it  but we’ve heard nothing for months now.

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  • Ionut Johnny

    Lol, I got official Marshmallow on my Redmi Note 3 for a few months now.

    • MaxPower

      I wonder if you know the meaning of official.
      The latest official stable global ROM for the phone is the V8.0.6.0.LHOMIDG which is based on lollipop.

      • divis200

        There is official marshmallow. What are you talking about?

        • MaxPower

          Do you mind sharing the link?

          • Auslaender

            It’s in beta still

          • MaxPower

            This one is beta too. The official stable ROM is based on lollipop like the article said.


    Hope they will add Dutch language for the Global MIUI