Droid Battle: OnePlus 3T Versus Google Pixel

by Habeeb Onawole 3

You know how we like to pit phones against each other, right? Today is no different. Today’s battle is between the newly announced OnePlus 3T and Google’s own Pixel. First a brief introduction of both devices.

oneplus 3t

The OnePlus 3T is the ”successor” to the OnePlus 3 that was launched a couple of months ago. OnePlus has added a couple of improvements to make the already great OnePlus 3 better with this new device. There is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, a larger 34000mAh battery, an upgraded 16MP selfie camera, and a 128GB storage option.


The Pixel is made by Google even though it is made by HTC. This is the device taking the baton from Nexus devices as google has alread shut down that line. It is the first android device made by Google the way they want and how they want android devices to be. It comes in two sizes: a 5-inch and a 5.5” variant which both have 32GB and 128GB storage options. And apart from those two differences, they are the same all through.

Round One: Display

The OnePlus 3T has a 5.5″ Full HD Optic AMOLED Display that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The Pixel, on the other hand, has two display sizes. There’s a 5-inch model for those who want something compact and a 5.5-inch version called the Pixel XL, for those who want the extra screen estate. Both phones have AMOLED displays too and have Gorilla Glass 4 protection but the OnePlus 3T has a higher screen-to-body ratio than the Pixel XL.

Round 2: Chip, ROM, and RAM

Both phones share the same Snapdragon 821 chip but are clocked differently. OnePlus has gone with the highest clocking at 2.35GHz but the Pixels are clocked at 2.15GHz. Will you notice the difference? It’s hard to tell because reviews say the Pixel is a very fast phone and that should be no surprise. The OnePlus isn’t a slow beast too. It’s Oxygen OS is well optimized and can be said to be one of the best ROMs after stock android.

The OnePlus 3T will, however, be able to run more apps at the same time with its generous 6GB of RAM. The Pixel, on the other hand has just 4GB of RAM on both versions but that should be enough even for power users.

There are no SD card slots on any of the phones so you have to choose either 64GB or 128GB of storage if you want the OnePlus 3T or 32GB or 128GB if you want the Pixel.

Round 3: Cameras

The Pixel has received very high praises for the performance of its primary sensor. There is a 12.3-megapixel camera with a f/2.0 aperture, EIS, PDAF, and laser autofocus on the rear and an 8MP f/2.4 sensor in front for selfies.

The OnePlus 3T uses the same primary camera as the OnePlus 3, a Sony IMX298 sensor  which has been rated average at best but it now has Electronic Image Stabilization in addition to OIS to allow you record more stable videos.

The company has given the front camera an upgrade. Moving it from 8MP all the way up to a 16MP Samsung 3P8SP sensor which allows you to take better-looking selfies and live stream in HD. Now that Whatsapp has added video calling to its list of features, this should come in handy.

Round 4: Software

OnePlus touts their Oxygen OS as better than stock android but that is a debate for another day. The 3T runs version 3.5 of Oxygen OS and it brings a number of customizations that you won’t find on stock android. It is still based on Marshmallow though but OnePlus promises an Android Nougat update by the end of the year. We hope the update hits phones before Christmas.

The Pixel, on the other hand, runs the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.1. It is the phone that will get a new Android update first before any other device in the world. If you want to stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to software updates,  the Pixel is the device to go for.

Round 5: Battery, Other Features, and Price

The OnePlus 3T packs a 3400mAh battery which is larger than the 2770mAh in the Pixel but just a tiny bit smaller than the 3450mAh battery in the Pixel XL. They both have fast charging but a comparison video puts OnePlus’s Dash Charge ahead of the Pixel’s USB Power Delivery fast charge.

While we have covered the basics, each phone still has certain features that will help determine which one you eventually settle for.

The OnePlus, for example, has dual SIM slots (nano only) allowing you the choice of having two different lines on one phone. The Pixel, on the other hand, is a single SIM device. The OnePlus has no IP rating but the Pixel is splash and dust resistant.

Pricing for the OnePlus starts at $349 for the 64GB model and $479 for the 128GB version. The Pixel starts at $649 for the 32GB version of the 5-inch model and goes up to $749 for the 128GB option. The Pixel XL is priced at $769 for the 32GB version and $869 for the 128GB variant.

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Both phones are really good but the OnePlus 3T has a lot going for it such as storage, RAM, and most importantly price. Its cheap price doesn’t mean they have compromised on quality either. Google’s Pixel wins in the camera department (I am sure of that) and has the upper hand when it comes to running the latest software but it is damn expensive!

Which will you be settling for? Do let us know which one and why in the comment box.

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