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Vernee Apollo Finally Launching This Month: First MTK VR Flagship

by Joe 8

We first heard about the Vernee Apollo flagship earlier this year, but news about the phone died down in the past few months. However, Vernee has finally announced that the Vernee Apollo flagship will be unveiled this month and it will go on sale from December.

vernee apollo 01

We already know a lot about the Apollo, but here’s a recap of the specs of the device. The flagship will feature MediaTek’s Helio X25 deca-core chipset clocked at 2.5GHz with Mali-T880 GPU. We are still unsure of the RAM inside, but a 6GB RAM option at launch. There should be 64GB of eMMC storage on board as well.

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The Vernee Apollo is being called as the first Mediatek VR flagship, mainly because it will come with a high resolution of 2560x1440px (2K) with 541 ppi pixel density, making it ideal for using in VR headsets. This could also mean that Vernee may release a VR headset of its own soon, but we are not quite sure about it. As for the rear camera, the phone should come with a 20MP Sony IMX230 sensor.


The exact price of the Vernee Apollo is still not known, but the company is known for pricing its devices reasonably, so we can expect the same with its upcoming release. Earlier, it was said that the phone would go on sale for around $399, but we are waiting for official confirmation from the company.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Apollo flagship.

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  • johala02

    Looking forward to the final details and price.

  • Saku

    I don’t see this being a huge upgrade of the Lite version, performance-wise, that is. But well, maybe the camera or other features perhaps?

  • For 399 I’m looking elsewhere though. This hasn’t got anything groundbreaking.
    They are like this Elephone/UMI/Ulefone-esque brand, but have a bit better approach to phones. However, they don’t really manage to nail appeal and although they set themselves apart in some areas, compared to the competition, they’re asking more for similar value phones. if they would: have a little more exciting smartphones and offer more competitive prices, I could see it work. Going on like this? I think people either buy the cheap/crap Elephone/UMI/Ulefone-esque brands (or worse: Cubot, Homtom and what have you) or go for something solid from Xiaomi, Meizu, ZTE, Huawei, etc.

    • johala02

      Just saw on Vernee facebook that it will come bundled with a VR Box like that in the picture. But no word on pricing yet.

      • You get VR with everything these days.
        Hell, I don’t even have a OnePlus device, but they gave a bunch of people like me VR goggles like that anyways. Nice bonus and 2K screen, that’s kinda where VR is starting to make sense as an experience… but… if it does get a 399 price tag, and I think Vernee has been overpricing their devices quite a bit, then I’d rather go and buy something else, like from the mentioned Xiaomi, Meizu, ZTE, Huawei… I currently have the ZTE Nubia Z9. It was from the future way back when I got it, so right now it still manages to be relevant. However, I’ve become quite in love with that Huawei Mate 9 Pro Leica… but… buying nothing yet before the year is over. Meizu is teasing us with a concept phone of their own to be announced 24.12. ZUK is supposed to launch an Edge phone.

        • johala02

          I agree but on the other hand a device like the new OnePlus 3T get a high price bump up to 439 $ (the smaller 64 GB model). And it are not a very big difference to the older OnePlus 3 that you not can buy anymore.
          And Vernee often have campaign with the devices with some discount, so I guess we must wait and see how the pricing will be.

  • quodvadis

    very very few people will buy this phone for $399 might as well not release it. but hey they can always try I guess.

    and this is coming from a satisfied owner of apollo lite.

  • NextHype

    Marketing meeting at Vernee :

    Boss – How can we sell an MTK phone at $400 when everyone is selling first grade SD821 flagships under $400 ?
    Team – ….
    Junior – let’s sell it as a VR phone !
    Boss – Nothing better ?
    Team – ….
    Boss – OK GO for VR !