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Real Pictures of Exynos 8890 Toting Meizu PRO 6 Plus

by Habeeb Onawole 4

After months of what seemed to be an endless wait, Meizu finally released a phone with an Exynos chip. The Meizu PRO 6 was unveiled after the launch of Meizu’s new Flyme OS 6. Although it does not look much different from the Meizu PRO 6s and PRO 6, Meizu has added one or two design changes to set it apart.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus meizu-pro-6-plus-1 Meizu PRO 6 Plus

Meizu’s PRO 6 Plus has an all-metal body with U-shaped antenna lines. The camera and LED flash are positioned exactly the way it is on the other PRO 6 models. However, Meizu has changed the camera housing and given it a design that reminds you of a compact disc.

Up front, there is a fingerprint scanner embedded under the mBack button which is the only button you’ll need for navigating the Meizu PRO 6 Plus. In addition to being a bio-metric scanner, the button can also measure your heart rate.

meizu-pro-6-plus-5 meizu-pro-6-plus-8 meizu-pro-6-plus-12

The bottom part of the phone is where you see the earphone jack, USB Type-C port and speaker grille. The dual-nano SIM card tray is on the left and the power and volume rocker is on the right.

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The Meizu PRO 6 Plus starts at ¥2999 (~$435) for the 4GB+64GB version and goes up to ¥3299 (~$480) for the 4GB+128GB version. It sports a 5.7” QHD display, a 12MP rear camera, a 3400mAh battery, and has NFC.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus Meizu PRO 6 Plus Meizu PRO 6 Plus Meizu PRO 6 Plus

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  • Tremaine Underwood

    Thank Goodness, they might find a customer in me now :-). I am keen to see there other rumored devices as well though.

  • Jh1

    Definitely a step in the right direction for Meizu

  • Ivo Osborne

    The Meizu Pro 6 Plus sounds like a samsung note 7 clone wrap up inside with samsung teck, not a bad idea hope it arrives in London UK early next year.

  • Whoa. So it has come after months of rumors, speculation, and constant debunking!
    Hoping to see this in black though, silver and gold have become too basic. Or maybe include some cool colors from the X series as well.