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Huawei Honor Magic Sold Out Instantly, faster than Xiaomi?

by Jed John 6

Huawei earlier today unveiled its latest flagship Honor Magic in a ceremony held in China. The Huawei Honor Magic features a spectacular design which is nothing like we have seen in the past. It is just beyond stunning. The device went up on its first flash sale in China and we can tell you that the Honor magic was sold out immediately it went up on sale.

Honor Magic Handson

There is no specific figure about the amount Huawei did put up for sale but the flagship device is reported to have sold out even faster than the Xiaomi Mi Mix. In all sincerity, the Honor Magic flooors the Mi Mix in design and features it packs on board.

honor magic

For the avoidance of doubt, the Honor Magic sports a 5.09-inch AMOLED display with 2K resolution. The display is curved on all sides up front as well as at the back, giving the Honor Magic a unique look. The device also tag along the Kirin 950 chipset as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage.The device supports NFC and has a fingerprint sensor embedded under the home button. There is a dual camera setup at the back sitting horizontally with the LED flash at the side. The device crams a 2900mAh battery onboard which is touted as being capable of achieving 90% charge in just 30 minutes.

huawei-honor-magic-115 Huawei Honor Magic Hands-on Images: Beautiful Eight Curved Body With Rose Gold Frame

The 3,699 Yuan price tag didn’t even deter the device from being sold out in seconds.  It is not known when the device will go on its second flash sale but we’ll keep you updated, as always, on that.

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  • George Frintu

    Honor Magic flooors the Mi Mix in design and features ? No.
    The Mi Mix is probably the most inovative phone of the year.

    • Guaire

      Mi Mix was in every tech blog when it has been announced. Most people was drooling over its design. That Magic hardly get any attention. That design too looks nice but it’s nothing special.

      I’m not sure how many people find that AI features truly interesting. Frankly I don’t care about those features, but that quick charge feature sounds very impressive.

  • G’n’T

    Interesting they went with a front finger print scanner on this a first for the Honour brand. I still don’t like that battery size though with a 2K screen.

  • Guaire

    The Mix is too big for mainstream, also too fragile for day to day use, moreover you could tell even from very first day camera pair was weak.

    The Magic is fragile too apparently, but at least the frame will be intact when it’s dropped.

    It has a bit smaller display than Mi5 and slightly taller, slightly wider and thicker than Mi5. Despite thinner AMOLED screen it has smaller battery inside comparison to Mi5. Long story short it has larger bezels than Mi5. They have concealed it with a dark wallpaper.

    If they could put Kirin 960 in it and named it as P10, it would have a head start on upcoming flagships like S8 when Kirin 960 is still fresh.

  • jolu

    Does Anyone know how of where to get one of these?

    • Karly Johnston

      There are several S7 clones available already.