Nokia 6 will Soon be Available outside China and it’s a White variant

by Jed John 1

Nokia 6 has continued to achieve incredible feats since it was first unveiled by Nokia in China recently. First the smartphone did record colossal registration figures for its first flash sale. The flash sale itself was a thriller as all units up for grab were said to have been sold out in just 60 seconds. The second round of flash sale is set to commence today but that isn’t the only news coming in today. The Nokia 6 has been revealed to have got a white variant which would start selling in the Philippines today as well.

Nokia 6

Reports emerging from the Asian country indicate that popular e-commerce website Lazada has listed the Nokia 6 on its website and among the features is that the device will be available in a white-only variant. The device is also listed with a slightly higher Php 18,590 price tag (around $374), different from the 1699 yuan ($245) it got rolling with in China. This really shouldn’t be a surprise as shipping costs and tax would factor in the pricing.


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We really can’t say for sure if this news is true but picture don’t lie, even though Photoshop exists. The white-colored Nokia 6 does look real and even comes with an offer of free shipping. Lazada has got credibility in the Philippines so they really wouldn’t flaunt a phony offer.




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