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Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Specs Leaks: Single Camera, Larger Battery

by Habeeb Onawole 12

The Redmi Pro is the top of the Redmi line. Launched in August and the first Xiaomi phone to sport an OLED display and dual cameras, this phone has been missing from Xiaomi’s website for a while now. The reason for that seems to be because Xiaomi has been working on the Redmi Pro 2.

Earlier today, leakster @Kjuma who is gradually building a reputation for genuine leaks posted a snapshot revealing tons of details of the upcoming device.

Redmi Pro 2

Redmi Pro 2 Specs

First, there is a camera change. The Redmi Pro 2 will not have dual cameras. It seems people weren’t too pleased with the performance of the dual camera combo of the Redmi Pro, so Xiaomi is ditching it for a single sensor. The new camera is actually a Sony IMX362 with a 1/2.55” sensor and a 1.4µm pixel. The camera has also got Dual Pixel autofocus.

The big change for me is actually the processor. The Redmi Pro launched with a Helio X25 SoC. The Helio X25 is actually a great processor but some of us wanted a Snapdragon variant but sadly there wasn’t one. The Redmi Pro 2 will be launching with a Snapdragon 660 processor this time. The Snapdragon 660 aka MSM 8976 Plus will take over from the 653 and 652 as the mid-range chip for 2017.

Another major change is the battery capacity which Xiaomi has bumped from 4050mAh to 4500mAh. There is no mention of a change in screen size though the display appears to be bigger than 5.5-inches. Notwithstanding, the larger battery should suffice even if the displau is bigger.

Redmi Pro 2 Price

The Redmi Pro 2 will be available in two storage variants according to the image. There will be a 4GB RAM variant with 64GB of built-in storage priced at ¥1599 (~$232) and a 6GB RAM variant with 128GB of storage priced at ¥1799 (~$262). Expect the prices to go higher when it launches though.

There is no mention of a release date but we are really excited about the new device. What do you think about the specs of the Redmi Pro 2?


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  • George Frintu

    Sounds cool. Looking forward to this and the Mi6.

  • mustafa mustafa

    yeap.. i got redmi pro
    the camera so bad even my mi3 camera perform very well

  • lstar4real

    This is gna be a good gadget for 2017 ..I hope it live up to our expectation

  • Stiffmah

    If it has (AM)OLED and 5GHz Wi-Fi (The first Redmi Pro doesn’t) I instantly buy the pricier version.
    Then it will thick all my boxes
    – Fast
    – Good screen
    – Great battery
    – Great build
    – Lots of storage
    – Cheap

  • G’n’T

    Shame they have gone back to a rear finger print scanner on this version of the Pro. I liked the front finger print scanner on the original Pro.

  • Qidamin

    “@Kjuma who is gradually building a reputation for genuine leaks ” Really? I saw many leaks, or I should say designs made by him that didn’t turned to be real…Here specs sound ok, just please keep the fingerprint in front of the phone!

  • goodwill

    The specs are looking good!

  • Gousgounis

    I think that ditching the dual camera would be a mistake. Every major phone manufacturer is moving to that direction.
    A snapdragon CPU and an NFC chip would be greatly appreciated.

  • Saku

    I don’t know why there are some who says Redmi Pro only has a gimmicky camera. I own one and it’s quite good for the price, has better photo quality than Iphone 6, though not better than 6s…

    Or maybe, they are tweaking the pro mode all wrong.

    • khmerog

      I also own the Redmi Pro.. Ordered before Xmas and just recieved 2 weeks ago. SMH. Now that the Pro 2 is coming out I’m excited as I’m happy with this device. I also own the G4 which has a way better screen but it I’ve been using the Redmi Pro more and planning on selling the G4.

  • Wolvie

    Why the mainstream Redmi note 4 pro don’t use SD660 but instead the lowest end Redmi using it ????

    This is very disappointing and stupid xiaomi themself destroying the market for their redmi note lines.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Yeah, on paper seems exactly like the phone I’m looking for. Big battery, good performance and metal body.