Xiaomi Launches 199 Yuan ($29) Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi has added another product to its crowdfunding platform’s kitty and just as we deduced from the earlier teaser, the gadget is a Sunglasses which carries the Turok Steinhardt branding. The Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt sunglasses is a polarized sunglasses which comes with a no border design and filters ultraviolet light completely. The glasses weighs only 18g.


The Turok Steinhardt sunglasses was produced using nylon polarizing material similar to the one used on space masks worn by astronauts such that its isolates UV rays and other harmful rays in the universe from hitting our eyes. It also removes glares, scattered lights, reduces fatigue and gives a clearer vision.

Turok Steinhardt

The Nylon polarization material it uses is said to be one of the lightweight lens materials around with a density of around 1.02g and an excellent ant-impact property. The material does not break or fragment easily under impact to a reasonable degree but that will depend on the intensity of the impact. It also comes with a stylish frame design.

Turok Steinhardt sunglasses

The Turok Steinhardt sunglasses is open for funding via Mi home and comes with a price of just 199 Yuan ($29). The frame is available in gun color while the lens come in gray, gold and blue color options.


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