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Xiaomi Releases MIUI 8.2 Update, Brings New Cool Features

by Jed John 4

Xiaomi has announced today that the MIUI 8 has got an upgrade to MIUI 8.2 and that it has pushed the stable ROM of the MIUI 8.2 to Xiaomi smartphones. The upgrade brings a new desktop intelligence assistance by large data analysis in order to provide users with more intelligent services. There is also a new system sound and some new ringtones, as well as automatic task management and other functions. In addition, there is a change of the notification bar in the new version’s interface.

miui 8.2

The new Smart Desktop Assistance feature enables users to quickly setup several features like e-book reading progress, traffic usage etc. Apart from the Smart Desktop Assistance, the MIUI 8.2 also comes with a new Security Centre and there are other noticeable changes like notification bar design, sound effects like camera focus, screenshots, charging, lock screen etc.

According to the information, the MIUI 8.2 will be pushed immediately using OTA online upgrade. There is also the option of upgrading manually at the MIUI Forum. A total of 24 Xiaomi phones would get the upgrade in the first instance, making this the largest single OTA upgrade in Xiaomi’s history. The phones include Xiaomi Mi 2, Mi 2S, Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 3 Unicom version, Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi Note, Redmi Note, and lots more. Subsequent OTA push would integrate more Xiaomi models.

miui 8.2

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Also, the MIUI 8.2 will be available for international users to upgrade and the first batch of phones supported include Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi 4i, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 3,  Mi Note, Redmi Note 4G, while more models will be supported subsequently. The MIUI 8 is Xiaomi’s latest interface which was released last year. Already, more than 2 million users representing 60% of users have upgraded to MIUI 8.

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  • kostas g.

    MIUI is trash, I don’t recommend it to anyone. Take up 1gb of memory out of 2 on my redmi note 3, also shitty multitasking, blargh.

    • Vincent

      Can’t disagree more. My Galaxy S7 always uses 75% of 4GB RAM so maybe it is by design to allocate a lot of memory.
      Regarding styling and functionality I prefer MUI over Touchwiz

    • Nilzie

      Simone doesnt know how Linux ram management works 😀 Unused ram is bad

  • tommyboy7

    While it is a matter of taste, i really like MIUI simply because they frequently add a lot of functionality to their releases. My Xiaomi devices always ran smooth, from Note 2, 3,4, Mi Note, Mi5 and also 3, S and 3 Pro.
    Checking free ram is really not necesarry, since almost all devices allocate enough for the system to run smooth.