Huawei Will Face AMOLED Display Shortages This Year

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Samsung and Apple are estimated to use about 70% of OLED displays produced this year. That figure is going to affect other manufacturers like Huawei who will have to cut down the percentage of its smartphone shipments sporting AMOLED displays to just 8%.

Samsung Display is one of the major OLED panel manufacturers in the world, so it is understandable that it will need all it can get. Stats says Samsung will receive 56% of displays produced this year while Apple will take delivery of 75 million units, which amounts to 14% of global OLED production in 2017.


According to the source, other OLED display manufacturers that should cover for the shortage won’t begin mass production early enough. LG Display is estimated to begin shipping its OLED display in 2018 and China’s BOE Technology Group Co.Ltd may not start shipping till 2020.

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Other Chinese manufacturers that have signed up for OLED displays from Samsung Display are OPPO and Vivo. OPPO will get 13% while Vivo will get 10% of OLED panels produced.