BOE Develops 5-inch AMQLED Display, Could Be Better Than Traditional AMOLED Panels

by Habeeb Onawole 5

Chinese display manufacturer, BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd has announced that it has successfully developed a new 5-inch AMQLED display. AMQLED is short for Active Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode.

The new display technology differs from LCD in that while the latter uses liquid crystals to rotate polarized light (for LED-backlit displays, LEDs illuminate the pixels on the screen), AMQLED uses quantum dots to light up the screen thereby resulting in a display with a wider color gamut of up to 100%.


Quantum dots are actually small semi-conductor crystals that emits varying colors based on their size. The quantum dots absorb energy when excited and emit different colors depending on the size you adjust them to. This allows them to be used as a backlight technology or as an active quantum-dot light emitting diode.

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Apart from having a wider color range than AMOLED displays, another advantage AMQLED has over AMOLED is that it is cheaper to produce and has a longer lifespan. Quantum dot is still in its infancy and new breakthroughs are expected to see it applied to other fields like solar cells and biological sciences.


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