For 2017 Flagships, Glass May Be The New Design Material Not Metal

by Habeeb Onawole 2

In the last 2 years or thereabout, we have seen metal become the new favorite material for phones. Before then, plastic used to be the major material before a switch to glass for flagship phones. One analyst says we should expect a return to glass for flagships this year.

Analyst @Sun Changxu took to Weibo to announce that information she learnt from those involved in the supply chain says that this year’s flagship phones are either made of glass or ceramic.

Xiaomi Mi 5 with Glass Back

It is reported that glass factories have increased production of 2.5D and 3D glass. They also say overall demand for the first half of the year have exceeded expectations.

Ceramic is another material that is starting to gain popularity. Xiaomi has played a key role in that regard. Its concept phone, the Mi MIX features a ceramic body and its next flagship, the Mi 6 is said to feature a special ceramic edition in addition to the standard variant that will have a glass back.

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Last year, the Xiaomi Mi 5 had a ceramic variant but due to production issues, had to be cancelled. They also faced similar problems with the Mi MIX but have managed to keep up its production. There were rumors of a glass variant launching at CES but surprisingly it was a white ceramic version that was unveiled.

What do you think about the switch to glass? Do you prefer metal or are you indifferent?