Leaked Image Reveals Samsung Planned for A Dual-Camera Galaxy S8+

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Dual cameras became pretty popular last year. Even Apple joined the train with the iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung on the other hand felt no need for it seeing as its single camera Galaxy S7/S7 Edge were strong contenders for the best camera phone for 2016. So when the Galaxy Note 7 was released, no one complained about its lack of dual cameras.

A few days ago, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were announced. While none of the two devices sports dual cameras, it turns out Samsung considered giving the Galaxy S8+ dual sensors. This didn’t end as an idea that was mentioned during a meeting to discuss what features the next flagship should have. Samsung actually made a prototype but sadly it was not approved as the final device.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Dual Camera

An image of the prototype has been posted on Weibo by @Lei Ming Xuan. Not only do we see the dual-cameras but we can also see that Samsung didn’t place the fingerprint scanner on the rear in this unit. So apart from the Galaxy S8 having an additional sensor, it would also have had its fingerprint scanner in front.

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The image shows the cameras are positioned in the middle of the phone and are stacked on top of each other. There is the laser focus and LED flash sitting below and Samsung’s logo about an inch underneath the setup. A sticker on the phone states the storage is 64GB and the model number as SM-G955F which is the same model number as the officially launched version.

Just because Samsung didn’t release the Galaxy S8+ doesn’t mean we won’t see it on another model. But dual sensors or not, we trust Samsung will keep churning out phones with impressive cameras.