HTC U Massive Leak: Full Specifications, All Features Revealed As Release Draws Near

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 3

The HTC U (codenamed as HTC Ocean) is speculated to get unveiled in this month. Its alleged specs have been leaked by popular leakster, Evan Blass and its details have also reportedly appeared on AnTuTu benchmarks. The entire specifications and all the features of the HTC U have been revealed through its preview materials.

The HTC U seems to have special sensors (dubbed as Edge Sensors) placed on its bottom. It probably lets users to press the frame of the phone to carry out various kinds of tasks. The preview materials the HTC Sense 9 UI will provide users with Sensitivity Setup to make the HTC U understand the power of user’s grip. By choosing between three configuration options, users can select the best sensitivity level to let users comfortably interact the phone by pressing the Edge Sensors with low mis-trigger rate.

HTC U Edge Sensors


Preview materials also suggest that certain gestures can be activated through short gestures which involves squeezing the sides of the device for a short period. Users can also make use of a long gesture. Through such gestures, HTC U users will be able to do different tasks such as starting the camera or launching the Google Assistant.

The above image shows the alleged 12-megapixel camera of the HTC U phone will be equipped with HDR+ that will provide users with real-time HDR scene detection. The preview materials have not clearly mentioned on how the HDR+ feature will work, but the image suggests that the HDR+ processing will let users view how the photo would appear even before it is shot.

The HTC U will be equipped with four microphones for recording surround sound. These microphones are place on the left, right front and back sides of the phone. The smartphone provides users with two kinds of video sound recording which includes 3D Audio and Hi-Res Recording. The former uses the quad microphones to record sound whereas the latter involves recording loseless sound for “reproducing full range of sound” which probably means it would be able to record sound without any degradation in quality.

HTC U Multimedia BoomSound

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The phone is also expected to support Multimedia BoomSound, a feature provided by HTC on its other high-end smartphones. Leaked photos have revealed that the phone would not be sporting a 3.5mm audio jack. Hence, users will be able to listen to the music by connecting a headset to the USB Type-C port present on the bottom side of the HTC U.

HTC USonic

A feature called HTC USonic can create personalized audio profile for users by automatically detecting the ear canal of the user. Based on the surroundings of the user, USonic will be deliver the appropriate kind of audio experience. Apart from using the headset, the Taiwanese flagship phone will deliver impressive audio experience through a pair of stereo speakers

The HTC U Sense Link will allow users to have better interaction between the phone and PC. By installing the PC client of Sense Link, the HTC U and PC can be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. When outside, users will be able to access the files that are stored on the PC through the HTC U phone. By pairing both devices, users will be able to see phone’s notifications on the PC and also seamlessly copy and paste content between them. Users will be also able to continue reading those articles on the PC that have been opened on the phone. HTC’s AI assistant called Sense Companion that was introduced on HTC U Ultra and U Play phones will be also available on HTC U.

HTC U Specs

The phone will be arriving with a 5.5-inch quad HD display and it will be fueled by Snapdragon 835. It will offer users with 4 GB and 6 GB RAM options along with storage choices like 64 GB and 128 GB. Other specs include HTC Sense 9 UI enabled Android 7.1 Nougat, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, v4.2 Bluetooth, fingerprint reader (embedded in Home key), and Quick Charge 3.0 enabled 3,000 mAh battery. Evan Blass has revealed that the phone would be lunching in this month with a global release slated for May.