Warning Alert! Charging iPhone Nearly Electrocuted Owner

by Jed John 6

Despite repeated warnings, there are smartphone users who still leave their smartphone charging close by on the bed while they sleep. This is apparently to keep it handy when they wake up but we have heard cases of exploding devices in this manner thus making that a risky venture. Here is yet another chilling story that should make us more cautious in the way we handle our smartphones and electrical appliances in general.

A 32-year-old man, Wiley Day was electrocuted and thus severely burnt by his iPhone which he left charging in bed while he slept. The incident happened on March 22nd when he had his iPhone plugged into an extension cord which made it possible to charge the phone close to his bed, something he does regularly. Mr Wiley then went to bed with his dog tag necklace on and when he woke up the following day the dog tag unexplainably got entangled with the charger and then got in contact with the two metal prongs that went into the extension box. Mr Day was instantly electrocuted and thrown out of his bed but thankfully he survived.

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In the long run, he was admitted in a hospital and treated for second and third-degree burns he suffered due to the heat generated by the metal necklace holding the dog tag on his neck. He also got some burns on his right hand which he used to remove the dog tag from his neck. Obviously, this isn’t as a result of a faulty iPhone battery or charger but entirely due to Mr Day’s error. So, we need to be more careful and keep our phone far from our sleeping area at night. Mr Day now keeps his in the kitchen when going to bed.