Watch What Happens When The World’s Brightest Flashlight Meets The iPhone 7 (Hint: It’s Not Pretty)

by Jed John 1

We just have to be plain here, this is a test we actually can’t figure out the importance in the real world but then, if you think it’s fun watching things get destroyed, you might enjoy this one. The only problem is the device is an Apple iPhone 7, a smartphone some will willing sell a kidney to acquire being subjected to the worse kind of extreme heat.

The test involves using the world’s brightest flashlight whose rays are so powerful they are capable of kindling a piece of paper and even plastic. The brightness is roughly 400 lumens. The flashlight was focused on the rear camera of the iPhone 7 and even though it was able to withstand the intense heat for some time, it caved in on the long run and was charred. The rear casing of the iPhone 7 is made of metal, so it was able to withstand the heat but the hotness was beginning to affect the internal panel before it was stopped.

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Coming to the display, the flashlight’s rays were directed intermittently onto the display and despite the display gathering ink, the ink soon disappears as soon as the light is taken off the display. That is an indication that the iPhone 7 display was built to withstand a certain level of heat. However, when the light was left on the display for a while longer, it burned through the touchscreen into the display panel, charring it permanently. You can watch the entire video right here, from down below.