Moto Z2 Play Press Render Leaked, Reveals Subtle Changes in Design

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Lenovo/Motorola is gearing up to refresh the Moto Z line. A week ago, we saw leaked images of the Moto Z2 Force. Quick on its heels is a press render of the Moto Z2 Play obtained by TechnoBuffalo.

On first look, the design doesn’t look to be different from that of the Moto Z Play released last year. The camera hump is still there and you have the Moto batwing logo and moto mod connector gracing the rest of the back plate. The front looks almost the same too. The position of the front flash, earpiece, light sensor and front camera are exactly as they were on the Moto Z Play. So what then is different?

Moto Z2 Play
Moto Z2 Play
Moto Z Play

First, the fingerprint scanner has been changed to a pill-shaped one. Then they swapped the shape of the front LED flash with that of the light sensor. The Moto Z2 Play also appears to be thinner in this press render, however that will be confirmed when the dimensions become known.

The visible changes on the rear include the new antenna line that runs along the entire border; the redesign of the moto mod connector pins; and the new sensor for the camera.

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The Moto Z Play was released as a mid-range device with a Snapdragon 625 SoC and a 3510mAh battery. The combination of the power efficient  SD625 and large battery gave the Moto Z Play an impressive battery life. Motorola will want to stick to that strategy, so the Moto Z2 Play may launch with the Snapdragon 626. The battery might be a bit smaller if the phone ends up being thinner but we expect it not to be significantly smaller. Display size and resolution may remain the same and older moto mods will definitely work with it.

There is no date of release yet but we want to think the date on the clock is a hint. So you might want to mark June 8 on your calendars.