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Lenovo VP Reveals Moto Upcoming Phones Will Come With ZUK’s ZUI

by Jed John 8

Apparently, in a bid to revive the ailing Moto brand, Lenovo has disclosed that the upcoming Moto smartphones would feature the intuitive ZUI which is used on its ZUK brand. This disclosure is credited to have been made by Lenovo’s Vice-President Alex Chen Yu via his Weibo account*.

Moto Z2 Play

Before now, the Moto brand basically runs on native Android OS right from when Google acquired Motorola and even after the brand was purchased by Lenovo. With such setup, competing in a market where custom ROM like the MIUI, Flyme, EMUI, and others exist will be a minus on its part. Thus, the latest move could be a last dash effort to tweak things for the Moto brand and make it more appealing and competitive in the market.

moto zui

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The VP didn’t give details as to whether the ZUI will be on all Moto smartphones or on the flagship models.This year, we are already expecting the low-end Moto E as well as Moto C. Also, the next generation Moto Z flagship models are expected to be launched soon and if at all the ZUI will feature in a Moto smartphone, they are more likely candidates. We had seen render and leaks of Moto Z2, Z2 Play and Z2 Force, with the possibility of all making their debut this year and it will be more exciting if they come with top end specs in addition to the ZUI. The ZUI will likely be the latest ZUI v2.5.

(*Footnote: We couldn’t locate the post on Lenovo VP Chen Yu’s official Weibo page. We can’t say why but it is possible the post may have been deleted from his account or perhaps, this information isn’t actually from him)



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  • terich22

    Motos OS is the best out there, why would they change it? Pure Android with helpful additions. It’s the only reason I bought the Moto Z

    • Veteater

      This change in software is for the Motorola smartphones being sold in China specifically, where stock Android is a disadvantage, and skins like EMUI, MIUI, etc. Excel. Remember, Google Play Services are banned there. Since Lenovo is phasing out the ZUK brand from what I heard, Motorola has to gain market presence in China. Don’t worry, Motorola devices in all other markets still have pure Android and will continue to.

      • terich22

        Ok thanks, that is good to hear. 😀

        • Veteater

          Actually this is a smart decision on Lenovo’s part. To have the software of the Chinese versions of Motorola’s phones changed to something similar to most Chinese Android skins (ZUK’s ZUI) gives Motorola much more of a chance in that market than they would amass with stock Android. And that amounts to more sales for Motorola, or at bare minimum, more presence there. For the rest of us, Stock Android is a huge advantage, and it’s staying.

        • Veteater

          I also want to mention that this is old news. Other articles talking of this were released in January of this year.

      • Sayantan Roychowdhury

        Even Moto M had some Lenovo based UI in China

        • Veteater

          Yes indeed it did have a Lenovo UI in China. However, it wasn’t ZUI from the ZUK line of phones. Like I previously stated, this change in UI is for China only.

  • Itesh

    Do they update zuk z1 mobile too