Third Party Resellers Jack Up Xiaomi Mi 6 Price By More Than ¥600 ($87)

by Habeeb Onawole 3

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will go on sale on Friday, April 28. The new flagship is available in two storage variants; there is the 64GB model for ¥2499 ($363) and the 128GB for ¥2899 ($421). These Mi 6 price tags are MSRPs, so if you’re not buying from the official Xiaomi store or licensed partners, you’ll be paying a whole lot more.

Third party resellers are usually the ones that grab the bulk of the purchase during flash sales and there is even a limited supply to begin with. Jingdong Mall says it has recorded 600,000 pre-order registrations and if the news of the first batch of Mi 6 units being a measly 80,000 is true, expect some resellers to jack up prices much higher.

64GB Xiaomi Mi 6 Price

So how much will you be paying if you wish to get it from third party resellers?

A reseller store in China has the 64GB model listed for ¥3099 (~$450), ¥600 more than the official price. International resellers like Gearbest has the 64GB version listed for $599 and the 128GB model for $699. Giztop has it for less though but still more than the official price. The 64GB version is priced at $499 while the 128GB model will go for $599. On AliExpress, only the 64GB is available and the price is $499.99.

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A rough calculation will give you a difference of more than a $100 between the official Mi 6 price and the resellers’ price. The sad thing about the whole scenario is the reduction in price is usually negligible, if there is even any at all when there is enough stock.