Get Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 for just $253.97!

by Linus 0

Xiaomi is known for producing great budget smartphones but a lot of people have fallen in love with their tablets too. As usual to the company, Xiaomi’s tablets represent a great combination of design and specs in one package. Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 was announced just a few weeks back and it is one of the better options for the price if you are looking for a compact yet premium tablet.

The new Xiaomi tablet comes with all the goodies that you would expect in a device in 2017. You have a large 7.9-inch 2K display up front along with a capable 6600mAh battery to power the device all day.

In fact, Xiaomi claims that the tablet can playback videos for up to 12 hours on a single charge. We’ll confirm that soon. Inside, you have the less popular MTK MT8176 hexa-core processor sporting 2 x Cortex A72 cores + 4 x Cortex A53 cores inside.

You can now get the Mi Pad 3 for just $253.97 from, which sounds like a pretty good deal.