Doogee Explains Why They Settled for The Helio P25 in The Doogee MIX

by Habeeb Onawole 2

The DOOGEE MIX is a tri-bezel-less smartphone that needs no introduction. The reason is simple. A glance at it and you know it is DOOGEE’s take on the Xiaomi Mi MIX. From the name to the design save for some new additions, the DOOGEE MIX can be summed up as a smaller sibling of the Mi MIX.

Doogee MIX

Doogee’s new smartphone has a lot going for it. It has a 5.5-inch display so its a lot smaller than the Mi MIX. There are also dual cameras on the rear and its $200 price tag is about a third of the price of the Mi MIX. It will also be the first phone to sport the new Helio P25 processor.

The use of the Helio P25 is a decision that was carefully thought of and a press release from Doogee explains the reason why they settled for the chip.

Helio P20 vs Helio P25

Dual Cameras

The Helio P25 was released as a successor to the Helio P20. It’s major upgrades are its higher clock speed and 12-bit Dual ISP specially designed for dual camera phones. The latter is the reason why the Doogee MIX has two 13MP rear cameras.

The rear cameras on the Doogee MIX work in the Monochrome + RGB format allowing more light in when taking pictures. It also has a bokeh effect preview that can be adjusted in real time. The Dual Image Signal Processor gives the Doogee MIX a faster shutter speed and better HDR images.

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Power Consumption

The Helio P25 offers a 25% reduction in power consumption. This will translate to a longer screen-on-time for the Doogee MIX when paired with its Samsung AMOLED screen. The battery capacity is currently unknown but we presume it should be enough to last a whole day.

The Doogee MIX for release in May although there is no specific date yet.